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Tick prevention for dogs

How do I protect my dog?

Whatever product you use, it is still vitally important to check your dog for ticks daily by running your finger tips throughout your dog's coat down to skin level, feeling and looking. Daily checks could save your dog's life, if the tick is found and removed before serious toxicity occurs. Consult your Veterinarian about the best way to remove ticks, as there are many different methods and tick paralysis may still occur several days after removing the tick.

Be prepared

Use an effective control product like PREVENTIC®.

Why choose Preventic?

  1. Australia's number 1 tick collar

    PREVENTIC is Australia's most popular tick collar, trusted by veterinarians and pet owners for over 20 years.

  2. Ticks are unable to bite

    Unlike orals or topicals, the tick does not need to bite for PREVENTIC to work. PREVENTIC paralyses the tick’s mouth parts, preventing attachment & detaching feeding ticks within 24 hours of application.

  3. Fastest acting tick control collar

    PREVENTIC begins working within 24 hours of application, unlike other collars on the market which take up to 2 weeks following application, to reach maximum levels of tick control.

  4. Safe to use with oral or topical tick prevention products

    No prevention is 100% effective against ticks. A dual approach, coupled with daily tick searches, may help to ensure optimal tick protection. PREVENTIC has shown no adverse events when used alongside some other tick control oral or topical products currently on the market.

  5. Easy to use

    With PREVENTIC there are no powders, shampoos, dips or rinses to hassle with. Simply attach the collar to your dog and the active ingredient begins to work. With PREVENTIC you can see the collar is hard at work protecting your dog.

  6. Affordable

    Owning pets can be expensive and PREVENTIC is an affordable solution to ensure your dog is protected. One PREVENTIC collar protects for two months and during the tick peak season (August – March) as few as four collars maybe required. Comparative to spot-on applications requiring monthly retreatment or expensive orals, Preventic is a cost effective topical solution.

Know the signs

  • Change in bark tone
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Gagging
  • Vomiting
  • Wobbly and uncoordinated
  • Weakness in the hind legs progressing to the front legs

Check daily for ticks

  • Even if tick control has been applied
  • Carefully feel & look all over, down to skin level
  • Remove any ticks found
  • Contact your veterinarian for advice

paralysis tick

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Protect your dog from paralysis tick with PREVENTIC®

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