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25 Reasons to Choose Virbac Australia

Our organisation

1 Virbac is an independent pharmaceutical company exclusively dedicated to animal health, the company ranks today as the 8th largest animal health company worldwide.
2 Virbac is the third largest animal health company in Australia, employing more than 260 people in total across the country.
3 Virbac is a local manufacturer, employing more than 200 people in manufacturing at three Australian sites.
4 Virbac is a company filled with real people who are passionate about helping customers overcome animal health problems. If you need advice or assistance, call us on (02) 9772 9772 or 1800 242 100.

Our people

5 Virbac is passionate about animal health. Our people demonstrate that passion daily by interacting with our own animals and finding solutions to animal health problems.
6 Virbac employs eight dedicated veterinarians and two parasitologists in technical service roles, providing advice and support to customers. We also employ a number of qualified veterinarians in other roles such as marketing and sales.
7 Virbac actively supports its professional staff, providing the necessary time off and financial support for them to maintain their professional accreditation.
8 Virbac’s sales team is experienced and well trained to identify and respond to the needs of customers, recommending the best product for the situation and, in some cases, visiting you on farm to provide advice and support for livestock producers.
9 Virbac has a highly selective recruitment process that ensures our staff are genuinely passionate about animal health, no matter what their job title or function.

Our products

10 Virbac’s diverse range of products means you can usually rely on Virbac to have a solution to most animal health problems.

Virbac has a large range of products to suit a variety of animal health needs, including:

  • Parasite control (the Cydectin range of sheep and cattle drenches, Nitromec, Flukamec, Equimax, Strategy-T)
  • Vaccination (the Websters range of sheep and cattle vaccines, SingVac, Canigen, Feligen, Leucogen)
  • Nutrition (Multimin, a range of equine and canine nutrition products)
  • Antibiotics (Rilexine, Soligental)
  • Dermatological care (medicated shampoos, EasOtic, Cortavance, EpiOtic)
  • Reproduction (Suprelorin, Ovuplant, Alizin)
  • Dental care (Aquadent, Hexarinse).
12 Virbac manufactures and sells many unique products that are unmatched by competitors, such as: Cydectin Eweguard and Weanerguard; Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Cattle; SingVac Botulinum Vaccines; Nitromec; Multimin; Strategy-T; EasOtic; Cortavance; Virbagen Omega; Suprelorin; Ovuplant; Alizin; and Aquadent.
13 We produce the majority of products sold in Australia at our three local manufacturing sites. Some of our products are exported to countries such as the UK, Europe, New Zealand and various Asian countries. 
14 Virbac products are widely available at most outlets, veterinary clinics, rural or equine supply stores.

Our industry commitment

15 During the Equine Influenza outbreak, Virbac supported the veterinarians on staff as they were seconded to the DPI to help manage the outbreak.
16 We are a member of the Animal Medicines Australia, actively engaging with regulatory bodies to address issues around animal health products.
17 We demonstrate our passion for animal health by sponsoring events and conferences associated with animals, including the Royal Brisbane Show (Ekka), Sheepvention, Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA), International Veterinary Vaccine Conference, Feline Medicine and Surgery Conference and numerous individual horse riders around the country.
18 Virbac Australia reinvests significantly in R&D locally to come up with innovative and original products. This is evidenced by the recent opening of the VIVID Centre at our Penrith site.
19 Virbac created the Disease Watch Dog disease surveillance initiative to raise the awareness of certain diseases. The online database gives veterinarians and pet owners access to real time information that allows them to provide better information and care for patients.
20 Virbac offers strong support to its resellers and wholesalers, providing training and support materials that are developed and adapted specifically to their needs.

Our standards

21 We operate according to the highest ethics in everything from product development to sales. Virbac has its own Animal Ethics Committee which includes a veterinarian, a scientist, four independent members of the public and two other employees to ensure that any animal use is not only ethical but follows the principles of replacement, reduction, and refinement. Read Virbac's AEC Terms of Reference.
22 Virbac employs GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and rigorous in house Quality Assurance procedures so we can stand behind every single product we manufacture, giving our customers peace of mind when they choose a Virbac product.
23 The team at Virbac is absolutely committed to providing an excellent level of customer service with on time delivery and service above expectations.
24 Virbac’s ethical approach means that if we don’t have the solution, we will recommend the best possible solution to your animal health problem – even if that involves the use of a competitor’s product.
25 Virbac ensures the ingredients in its products are of a consistently high quality, delivering a more effective finished product.


For more reasons to choose Virbac if you’re a vet, visit our Vet Site.

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