Shaping the future of animal health

Our Fields of Competence

RD.jpgR & D

Virbac invests in innovation with 7 cents in every sales dollar directed towards research, development and licensing in order to bring new products to market in Australia that meet the needs of our customers. Australia is a key market for Virbac research into ruminant and equine parasiticide products, and a complete research and development team is located in Sydney to serve the specific needs of these segments. The Company utilizes the best practice Stage-Gate™ process to drive product development. Virbac has the capacity to develop, register and market products.


quality.jpg Quality is of paramount importance to all sectors in the company for a single purpose: customer satisfaction. Virbac's modern production facilities located in rural Crookwell NSW, Penrith and Macquarie Park in Sydney hold GMP Licenses issued by the APVMA to manufacture veterinary and animal health products. This certification defines very specific standards that demand professionalism from all staff in the manufacture of all products. Virbac is proud of this certification and continues to achieve the highest possible results. The quality approach is everywhere at Virbac, affecting products from the very inception of the research and development dossier, structuring production and the design of facilities. Maintaining and improving quality requires qualified staff and continuing in-house training. Quality extends beyond the enterprise, imposing
respect of the stringent procedures by suppliers and the practice of regular auditing.


As a reflection of animal diversity, veterinary drugs exist in various forms, requiring very specific production facilities. Virbac's production facilities are designed to adapt to the various forms of manufacture that are undertaken as well as to the specific size of each production run. Virbac is one of the few animal health companies which has both manufacturing and research facilities in Australia. Not being content to maintain the status quo, Virbac is continuing to invest in and enhance the process capability of all the production facilities so that new and improved products can be made available to the Australian marketplace.

mkt.jpgMarketing and Sales

Virbac has been close to its customers and partners from the very beginning. Resolutely focused on meeting their needs, Virbac has developed qualities of flexibility, speed and market sensitivity in order to effectively satisfy its customers and seize new opportunities. Virbac Australia is represented Australia wide by a sales force comprising 43 people, as well as 23 staff in customer service and marketing that service the needs of our customers from head office in Sydney.