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Our Commitments

The Group has 4,350 employees in 31 countries, 30 sales subsidiaries outside France in .


The men and women of Virbac are critical to the company's success. They represent a major competitive advantage and embody Virbac's key strengths:

  • customer focussed;
  • commitment and responsiveness;
  • dedication and trust in the company;
  • strength of human relationships.

The human resources policy seeks to serve the company's strategy and aims to "search for excellence in people management". These contributes to the business growth and vitality of everyone with the same determination. As such, Virbac has deployed a managerial competencies program for managers in order to help them in driving their teams. Since 2007, Virbac has bolstered the values and know-how of upper management throughout the world through the Leadership programme. Since 2005, every two years, Virbac conducts internal opinion surveys with the help of an external partner, Inergie, throughout its subsidiaries worldwide.

Recruitment and Mobility

2012 shows again a dynamic year for Virbac in Australia with our recruitment building our team to 271 employees across a variety of professions and locations.

All organisations (sales, marketing, industrial, research and development) have been involved in hiring highly specialised professionals and experts in the health professions. The most sought after profiles are pharmacists with experience in the pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians and engineers in biology and chemistry. Finally, expertise in pharmaceutical regulation, particularly lacking on the market, is and will be for time to come an important recruitment element for Virbac. Besides scientific profiles, Virbac recruit operators in the industrial organisations.

This requirement to identify and attract new talent involved the implementation of several recruitment communications including: participation in several job fairs, strengthening partnerships with our target schools and intensifying our collaboration with recruitment agencies.

Training and Development

Training and development were again a concrete priority for Virbac's human resources strategy in 2012. Training management has been greatly enhanced with the creation of a specific offer for Virbac training through a collaborative and empowering process for defining needs. The training courses conducted by internal trainers have been expanded since 2008 and account for 69% of the training delivered in the company in 2012.


Virbac has implemented several compensation & benefits initiatives since 2010.

Our primary goal is to empower our managers in salary decisions, equip them with suitable tools and training on compensation policies and best practices for salary review.

In addition, our goal is for our employees to know and understand the compensation policies, and particularly the link between annual assessment and salary reviews.

In the annual assessment, performance results are as important as technical & behavioural competencies.

We would assess them as equally important to make decisions on salary review, professional development, promotion & internal mobility.

More details about our Global approach to human resources can be found in our Annual Report 2015 - 6MB