Shaping the future of animal health



"Developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of users, veterinary surgeons, farmers and/or owners, this is Virbac’s innovation policy. For the Group, progress is not just synonymous with new active ingredients, it is also based on original combinations of existing molecules, Galenic innovation and even packaging" Christian Karst, Director of Development

At Virbac, useful innovation is innovation that is perceived by the client in terms of product performance, practicality and ease of use. It is because Virbac is constantly anticipating the future needs of clients that we are able to offer ranges in line with users’ needs. Today, 16% of the company's turnover comes from products launched in the past 3 years. Our pragmatism in development, our responsiveness and our client focus all make us a recognised player renowned for placing Innovation at the heart of its strategy for success.


At Virbac, the industrial tool is tailored to the market through an ongoing search for flexibility and the deployment of specialist knowledge in the integration of new products. Our mission in industrial terms: a constant search for quality through listening to our clients and compliance with cutting-edge pharmaceutical regulations, comparable to those which apply in the human pharmaceutical market.

Our organisations constantly focus on performance by optimising our resources every day. This improvement process can be seen in the Virbac Industrial System (SIV), which places at its heart the company’s employees’ vision, the cornerstone of our company’s success.

Virbac manufacturing involves 7 bases around the world, all of which share a common ambition: ongoing improvement in order to provide a better service for clients and respond effectively to all their needs. Living through and with change, assuming commitments, making relationships a driving force of performance, these are the employees’ key issues in this field of activity.


Virbac has a strong, close relationship with its clients, mainly veterinary practitioners and farmers. This partnership helps Virbac to identify their needs well upstream and to offer them a complete range of products and services fully tailored to the needs of their professions.

40 years of product innovation have enabled Virbac to develop the widest range available on the market. Today, Virbac covers the majority of veterinary surgeons’ needs in all their fields of activity (general or specialist medicine, advisory services and sales). In addition, Virbac offers a technical support service with dedicated call centres and interventions by specialists in the field. Virbac also helps veterinary surgeons to develop their own business, profitability and customer loyalty.

In terms of HR, it is through the commitment and empowerment of each individual and through team spirit that Virbac places itself at the service of clients and promotes its differences, always with an objective of excellence.


The Communication department carries the brand’s values, promotes Virbac’s personality and federates all of its teams around a strong culture. Among its main objectives: conveying the Group’s identity throughout the world.

Its key values: fairness and transparency of information, both internally and externally. It is through these principles that the teams support Virbac’s growth, underpinning its current position as an international company while remaining loyal to its past.


Human Resources are a support for Virbac's growth strategy. It comprises 2 main dimensions: the partnership with business and the search for excellence in people management.

Being a HR business partner implies proximity with operational staff, or, in other words, understanding their key issues and offering them solutions adapted to their problem. This also means being the privileged contact person for the men and women in the field, as well as for staff representatives, for all HR questions.

The search for excellence in people management involves offering optimal HR policies in terms of development, internal or international mobility, and remuneration. All programmes that enable Virbac’s employees to engage with the company’s key issues and achieve professional fulfilment.


Business Partner for all international areas, these teams provide the elements required for a good knowledge of the product universe, propose marketing and sales initiatives designed to optimise existing and future business, communicate good practices for strategic products and participate in generating project ideas. In some areas, these teams define and plan product launches over 3 years and help local marketing teams.


At Virbac, the finance department is a team which provides the company with all the information and analysis tools required for decision-making, optimisation and performance assessment.

Ensuring the optimal use of resources, managing financial flows, controlling risks and guaranteeing compliance with accounting, tax and stock market obligations, this is the role of this organisation which has a strong international dimension within the specific context of a multinational listed on the stock exchange.


Today, the Legal department at Virbac comprises a team of law experts at the service of the operational staff throughout the world who work to facilitate the execution of projects in accordance with the Group’s interests and the Laws in force.

This department’s challenge is knowing how to combine control over legal and business key issues and conduct discussions with the services, subsidiaries and experts in order to ensure that all aspects of a project have been studied.


Working in a dynamic environment, this team provides innovative technological solutions. The Information System department lends its support to professions by optimising performance within an international context for all the Group's subsidiaries. Transversality, a spirit of initiative and a sense of the practical are the pillars of this organisation’s success.