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What is a paralysis tick?

adult fully fed female paralysis tickAdult fully fed female paralysis tick Ixodes holocylus
© Stephen L. Doggett

Australia’s most dangerous tick, the paralysis tick, lives on native animals such as bandicoots, possums and wallabies. The native hosts are usually unaffected by these ticks but when the paralysis tick attaches to our pets, the outcome can be deadly.

How to identify paralysis ticks?

The paralysis tick can vary in size. It becomes a light grey colour as the tick feeds, the legs are clustered near the mouth parts and if you look closely you’ll notice the first and last pair of legs are distrinctly darker than the middle pairs of legs. A fully fed female tick may be 15–18 mm in length.

Where are paralysis ticks found?

The paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus, lives in a narrow coastal band on the east coast of Australia, in an area stretching from Lakes Entrance in Victoria, to the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. They are carried by native animals, so are commonly found in areas, where these animals frequent.

When are they found?

Paralysis ticks are most active from August through to December. It is important to note that paralysis ticks can be found at any time of the year and pr evention should be continued throughout the year.

How do ticks cause paralysis?

As the paralysis tick takes a blood meal, it begins to inject a potent toxin within its saliva which causes a deadly progressive paralysis.

Common signs of tick paralysis include:

  • Weakness in the hind legs, progressing to the front legs
  • Coughing
  • Change in tone of bark
  • A grunt whilst breathing

Preventic - first line of defence against paralysis tickFast acting tick control is vital because a paralysis tick only needs to feed for 3 days before the dog starts to show signs of tick paralysis and will kill a dog in 5½ - 7 days without veterinary treatment.

Preventic - The first line of defence

  1. Preventic begins to work within 24 hours and kills ticks before they bite your dog
  2. Preventic is topical, so the tick doesn’t need to take a blood meal to be killed
  3. Preventic is an affordable solution to ticks

How does Preventic work?

Within 24 hours of application, the Preventic collar releases its active ingredient directly into the oily layer of the dog’s skin. When ticks come in contact with the active ingredient, their mouth parts are paralysed and they’re killed before they can attach and feed.


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