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Preventic: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Preventic 2 Month Tick Collar FOR DOGS work?

The collar contains the very effective active ingredient ‘AMITRAZ’ that kills and helps detach paralysis ticks. Amitraz is progressively released from a slow release matrix within the collar.

How long does it take to work?

Preventic® will begin to work in a few hours, but it will take approximately 24 hours to reach its maximum level of efficacy, depending on the coat and hair condition of the dog.

From what age can Preventic be put on a dog?

Preventic is recommended for use on dogs from 16 weeks of age.

Are you sure it’s going to fit my St Bernard?

Yes, the length of the collar is approximately 65cm. This should accommodate any size dog.

Can my dog still go swimming?

It is recommended that the collar is removed before swimming or washing. Once replaced protection may take 24 hours.

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