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Calci-D Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Calci-D?

A supplement such as Calci-D® may be required as meat based diets are often low or imbalanced in calcium, phosphorus and Vitamins A and D, which are essential for skeletal development and strength. Adequate calcium is vital to maintain the strength and maturation rate of bones in young greyhounds galloped on circle tracks.

Calci-D® contains calcium, with essential co-factors for calcium uptake.

Why do greyhounds require a calcium supplement?

An adequate and correctly balanced supply of calcium and phosphorus is required for skeletal maturation, development and strength in young growing greyhounds and for bone remodelling in training and racing greyhounds. A typical greyhound diet traditionally contains meat, which is high in phosphorus but low in calcium. To ensure correct mineralization of bones is achieved, the calcium to phosphorus ratio should be between 1.2 -1.4 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus.

The best way to achieve the optimum ratio of 1.35 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus is to add Calci-D® depending on the amount of meat added to the diet. It is necessary to add Calci-D® to the diet, even to those that are receiving a mixture of meat and premium scientifically balanced kibble, to balance the meat portion of the diet. Calci-D® is unique in that the amount added to the diet depends on the weight of meat, ensuring that your greyhound receives the correct balance of calcium and phosphorus.

Can a calcium deficiency cause cramp?

A deficiency of calcium can also lead to muscle cramping, as calcium is a vital component of the muscle contraction mechanism. Greyhounds on high meat diets are most likely to be deficient in calcium so add a calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A and D supplement such as Calci-D® (1 scoop for every 400 g of meat) to the diet each day.