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Recharge for Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Recharge?

It is common for greyhounds to lose large quantities of fluids and electrolytes during travelling, racing and stressful conditions due to excessive panting. Unless these losses are replaced rapidly, dehydration, muscle cramping, loss of performance and nervousness can occur.

Recharge is designed to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise or travelling without having to wait for the dog to consume a full meal.

Why do greyhounds require electrolytes specially designed for dogs?

The formulation is specifically matched to the needs of the racing greyhound, containing a high potassium to sodium ratio, citrate salt as a buffering agent and glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes and restore vitality. It is a different formulation to that contained in Recharge for Horses, as that formulation is designed to rapidly replace sweat loss after exercise in horses. Both products are totally different to the high sodium, salty tasting sports drinks available for human athletes and sports persons. These are not suited to racing greyhounds (or horses).


Can I administer Recharge over the tongue?

Recharge® can be administered over the tongue but when doing so do not exceed 10mL volume at a single dose and always provide fresh, clean drinking water or milky water for the greyhound to drink to replenish fluids. Recharge® will increase the thirst response and fluid must be available immediately after dosage.


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