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Epi-Soothe Rinse & Conditioner: Frequently Asked Questions

How does it minimise pruritis?

The oatmeal particules assist in maintaining the skin moisture level by keeping existing moisture in and drawing further moisture to the skin surface. The particules also attract and dislodge dirt particules from superficial and deeper parts of the skin. Moist, clean skin is less likely to be irritated and itchy. Oatmeal itself, through some of its components, has direct effect on the skin. 

What is the difference between the shampoo and conditioner?

The shampoo has a lower level of oatmeal and is more able to clean the coat as it lathers and as a shampoo. Following the shampoo with the conditioner maximises the delivery of oatmeal. 

Do I rinse off the conditioner?

The recommendation is to lightly rinse it off. A balance is required between leaving as much oatmeal on the coat and the possibility of creating a sticky coat from the carrier excipient base of the product. Many vets do not rinse at all.