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Resichlor: Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Resichlor fit in with the range of Virbac Dermatology products available to treat pyoderma?

Resichlor is not designed to replace shampoo therapy. It is an adjunct to shampooing and can provide an alternative for the time-restricted owner who may be inclined to skip shampoo treatments.

Does the coat have to be wet to apply Resichor?

No Resichor can be applied to a dry coat in between baths.

What if my dog licks Resichor during application?

The ingestion of a moderate amount of this lotion would be expected to have no adverse effects, however it is recommended that you do not allow dogs to ingest this product.

How long should I continue to use Resichor?

Continue to use Resichor until the pyoderma has fully resolved and all underlying causes (such as contact allergy or FAD) have been treated or controlled.