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Resisoothe: Quick Reference Guide

Species: Cats, Dogs

Ranges: Dermatology



A leave on lotion containing ingredients to condition and clean the skin and coat with the soothing effect of colloidal oatmeal.  Ideally to be used between EpiSoothe S shampoo treatments.

5% Colloidal oatmeal
The increased contact of colloidal oatmeal with animal’s skin and hair improves it’s ability to be of benefit for irritated skin, as well as to attach to and remove allergens from the coat.

Coat conditioners
Leaves coat soft and lustrous

Leave-on lotion
Leave-on products persist for longer as they are not rinsed off. The problem of 10 minute contact time is not an issue with ResiSOOTHE leave-on.

Alternative / Adjunct
The leave-on product provides the perfect alternative, as they can be used locally or whole body.

Quick and Easy to use
Washing and conditioning can be hard work for the owner; ResiSOOTHE provides a treatment option, which can reduce the frequency of shampooing. ResiSOOTHE is quick and easy to apply because you massage it into the animal’s wet coat with no rinsing off.

Great smell
Ideal for inside pets which require a pleasant fragrance.