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Sebazole: Quick Reference Guide

Species: Cats, Dogs

Ranges: Dermatology



For cats and dogs with skin infections caused by bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

Antifungal - Broad-spectrum activity against fungi, yeasts and moulds. The most effective product for the treatment of Malassezia Dermatitis in dogs and cats. Treatment option of choice for localised dermatophyte and for more generalised fungal infections can form one of the approaches to successful treatment.

Keratolytic and Keratoplastic - Improves the skin environment and improves the penetration of the actives.

Antibacterial and Antiseptic - Combats the causative organisms of seborrhoea disorders that include M.pachydermatitis and Staphylococcus intermedius.

Broad-spectrum - Sebazole™ offers veterinarians a successful choice in complicated seborrhoea cases with good clinical success.

Topical Shampoo - Can be used concurrently with systemic treatments to treat bacteria and fungal overgrowths.


  • Dogs and cats affected by Malassezia Dermatis, localised dermatophyte or generalised fungal infections.


Econazole nitrate 10 mg/mL
Sulphur (as sodium thiosulphate 75mg) 19.4 mg/mL
Sodium salicylate 35 mg/mL
Chloroxylenol 5 mg/mL





  1. Wet coat with warm water.
  2. Massage Sebazole into wet coat & lather freely, then rinse.
  3. Repeat the above but allow the lather to remain on the skin 5–10 minutes before rinsing well.
  • 2–3 applications per week for up to 4 weeks may be necessary for some skin disorders.
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