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Wound-Gard: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wound-Gard® impair wound healing?

No, In a clinical trial that involved 16 dogs and 21 cats, there were no instances of apparent irritation or hypersensitivity, or impairment of wound healing.

What was the incidence of self-mutilation when owners were using Wound-Gard®?

Licking and biting of the wound of not more than a trivial amount was reported by owners in 6/37 cases, but in no case did this result in the removal of stitches and/or reopening of the wound.

Can Wound-Gard® be used for prevention?

The product can be used successfully following surgery for dog castrations, cat castrations, dog spays, cat spays and following minor surgery.

How often should I apply Wound-Gard®?

Should be applied to the affected area 3 times per day.