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“Change your wormer every time you worm”. 

This used to be common advice, but is now known not to be good practice.

You should rotate your wormers but not every time you worm. The continual use of one wormer year after year exposes worms to the active ingredient too frequently and will lead to resistance. Rotating treatments by alternating from one compound to another should be done on a seasonal basis to target specific worms.

“You are rotating if you change box colour or manufacturer of wormer you are using”. 

This is the biggest mistake people make. Instead, check the list of active ingredients on the box and base your decision on this.

You must rotate from a mectin to an azole or vice-versa. The majority of horse wormers are either avermectin (mectin)-based or benzimidazole (azole)-based. If you’re currently using a-mectin your option is to rotate to an-azole, regardless of any other active ingredients it may contain.

“You don’t think worms affect your horse so you don’t need to de-worm”. 

Worms can cause diseases such as colic and anaemia. Vets see the diseases due to worms every day. If wormers are not used at all, or used incorrectly, we may be faced with an increase in worm related disease in the future.

All horses need to be part of a worming program; the importance of worming correctly has been misunderstood by many horse owners. It is vitally important all horses are incorporated into an effective worming program for the health of the horse, now and into the future.

“Any wormer can be used as part of a rotational plan”. 

Nothing could be further from correct. Always base your selection on changing from one active ingredient class to the other on a seasonal basis, to target specific worms.

Reading the label of the wormer will enable you to choose the correct active ingredient for the rotational season your horse needs to be wormed for. Take the time to do this, as using the right wormer at the right time will optimise your horse’s health.

“All azole wormers are equally effective so you might as well choose the cheapest”. 

This is proving to be untrue. Some azole wormers have widespread resistance, so there’s a fair chance your horse may be already resistant to straight/single active azole based wormers.

Strategy-T is the most effective azole based wormer. That’s because it’s a true rotational choice effective against azole-resistant worms. Strategy-T contains oxfendazole and pyrantel and has been shown to have comparable efficacy to the mectin-based wormers.


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