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Dental Check List

Does your dental care provider:

  • Provide your horse with pain relief?
  • Use a dental speculum (gag)?
  • Clean the mouth before examining?
  • Use a light to examine the mouth?
  • Provide you a detailed written record of findings?
  • Clean and disinfect instruments?

Is your dental care provider:

  • insured?
  • licensed?
  • regulated?
  • able to perform procedures like X-rays?
  • able to treat infection?
  • up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment?

A quality equine dental vet will easily meet the above criteria.

It is important that a thorough visual exam is made of a horse’s mouth, as there are many other conditions that commonly occur in the horse’s mouth many of which cannot be diagnosed without visualisation.

All horse owners need to take responsibility for ensuring their horses receive proper dental care.

Do your research and choose a qualified experienced professional who can explain what procedures they are performing and why.

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