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Megavite-B: Quick Reference Guide

Species: Horses

Ranges: Exercise & Stress Recovery



MEGAVITE-B® provides a concentrated source of 9 B-Complex vitamins and 3 amino acids. B-Complex vitamins and amino acids are required for the metabolism of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet. Additionally nicotinamide (B3), folic acid and Vitamin B12 are essential for red blood cell production.


  • Horses in hard training
  • Horses on high grain diets
  • Horses that are ‘training sour’
  • Poor eaters
  • Travelling horses
  • Horses recovering from illness or injury


Each 5mL dose contains:   

Vitamin B1 100mg Vitamin B6 100mg
Vitamin B2 25mg Vitamin B12 5,000μg
Vitamin B3 300mg Folic Acid 75mg
Vitamin B5 100mg Choline Chloride 50mg
Amino Acids
Methionine 200mg Glycine 200mg
Lysine 200mg  
Inositol 100mg  



Warm product to room temperature, stir contents before use. Withdraw required dose with syringe supplied. Recommended dose is 5mL twice weekly.

  • Racing horses: Give 5mL twice weekly over the back of the tongue. 24 hours before race day, give 10mL to achieve high blood levels prior to the stresses of racing. The pre-race loading will also ensure the metabolic co-factors are readily available to enable a quick recovering following the race.
  • Competition horses: Give 5mL twice weekly during periods of hard training and competition. While travelling away from home for several days, give 10mL 4-6 hours prior to travelling and then 5mL every third day while away. This will help replenish energy stores, encourage appetite and minimise the stress of competing in a strange environment. Ponies should be given 1mL per 100kg bodyweight.
  • Horses recovering from illness or injury: Following illness, injury of worm burden, MEGAVITE-B® will provide a readily available source of B-complex vitamins to improve metabolic processes, stimulate appetite and assist recovery. Give 1mL per 100kg bodyweight twice weekly until the horse is fully recovered.


230mL bulk pack with syringe.


Store between 2ºC and 8ºC (Refrigerate. Do not freeze).