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Feramo Every Horse: Testimonials

Feramo amazing results


"Jeanie is naturally a heffalump and her diet is simply grass hay. I wanted to know that Jeanie was getting all her nutritional requirements met. After being on Feramo I noticed her coat gleam, her feet improve and it even put a little spring in her step :o) Thank you Virbac xoxo Jeanie and Di."

- Dianne Louise Knol, VIC
with horse Jeanie


"My picture may be worth a thousand words although it doesn't show the difference Feramo has made to my mare. What difference? No more chalky hooves. Body condition and coat is now magnificent all year round, no longer dependant on the season. Feramo Every Horse is our winning formula."

- Michelle Del Busso, VIC
with horse Apples


"My horse Sugar is 22 years old, 3.5 years ago her age was catching up with her fast, My Local grain store, saddlery suggested l give your product a go. The first thing l noticed is that my mares coat improved, she is a highly stressed horse that needed herbs to settle and help balance her stomach, With Feramo l was able to take away those extra additives because the product covered this too. Sugar also suffered from cracked flat hoofs, 12mths later, amazing difference & my farrier has always told me to keep up what ever l'm doing cause it's working. It's extremely had to keep a horse of her age in full time competition work, but by using Feramo as my number one supplement l know she is getting the best l can give her. We have two other hacks on this product and 2 yearling as well. Cant live without my Feramo. Thanks for taking the time to care for my best friends... Feramo, Feramo for all types of Horses.."

- Dianne Thomas, VIC
with horse Paris Night/ akka Sugar


"Our yearling looks like a two year old! Since putting Jasper on Feramo Everyhorse he has bulked up and grown up. We cannot believe the difference it has made with how much he has grown and how shiny his coat has become. 100% happy with the product. "

- Allison Tomlinson, VIC
with horse Japser