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Feramo with Chromium: Testimonials

Feramo amazing results


"Having had a serious back injury Boomer struggled to maintain topline and energy. He was unhappy in work. Feramo helped bring him back to peak performance. My competion partner now looks and feels great again, and because of this now has the mental attitude to compete at top level again."

- Susan M Ogilvie, VIC
with horse Boomer Zip


"Feramo with Chromium has made a huge difference to my horse. It gives him energy and keeps him in tip top shape. After using this product with Balmoral Hi Road, any new horse I purchase or that come for schooling I see a huge difference after a couple of weeks of using the product Feramo C."

- Chloe Hughes, QLD
with horse Balmoral Hi Road


"Feramo to me has improved my horses stamina, energy level, coat condition and well being. I can see the results and feel them with her endless speed, endurance and recovery while playing the sport of polocrosse. We play for Calliope Polocrosse Club in Queensland. With her heavy training of 40 minutes of exercise 6 days a week Flight needs Feramo to help keep her healthy and happy."

- Katrina Beale, QLD
with horse Lawries Flight


"Since puting Jordan on Feramo with Chromium his topline, appetite and coat have improved dramatically. I currently have three show horses and regularly have people asking me what I feed my horses and I tell them Feramo with Chromium."

- Tonia & Kate Edwards, NSW
with horse Jai-Rhan Dreamtime Rapture (Jordan)