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Meet Darryl Hayes

Virbac are delighted to welcome Darryl Hayes to our Sponsored Riders.

Darryl is no stranger to the show ring with a long and successful career, is an accomplished rider who has ridden some of Australia’s finest ponies, Galloways & Hacks competing at a national level for the past 35 years.  Darryl has also been a national level judge for more than 20 years.

Darryl’s successes for the 2013 – 2014 season include:

  • Champion Hack Brisbane Royal (EKKA)
  • Ego Sunsense Newcomer Galloway 2014
  • SHC (Showhorse Council)  Autumn Classic small Galloway.
  • The SHC Southern stars small Galloway
  • Equestrian Vic State Titles Small Hack winner
  • SHC Grand National Large Galloway Winner
  • SHC Grand Nationals small Galloway runner-up

Most memorable horse?
Hmmm now that's a hard one, I have had so many horses over many years but probably my most memorable would have to be my first pony Cindy. She was a black and white 11.2 h pony that tried her heart out for me. I did everything on her from show classes to jumping B grade pony club show jumping and cross country where the jumps were nearly bigger than her. She tried her heart out for me and always kept me safe.

What inspired you to become a show rider?
In my youth I did a bit of everything. But I started being asked to ride for others and getting on and straightening horses out for other people. My sister also rode and so we went to shows all the time. From there it was just a natural progression to ride for others and so I continued showing.

Goals and aspirations for 2014-2015 season?
To show the team I currently have and maybe extend it with a few more. To try and have as successful year as last year and help my pupils to achieve their goals as well.

Darryl has recently started to use Feramo with Chromium on his horses – This is the perfect fit for Ponies, Galloways and Hacks as Feramo with Chromium offers a perfect combination of complete vitamins & minerals with Chromium.

Chromium is proven to improve muscle strength, development and topline. Improves uptake and utilisation of energy plus the oil seed meal base provides a visible improvement of coat condition & colour enhancing the shine & overall condition of the horses coat.