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Meet Shianne O’Donoghue-Kent

Name: Shianne O’Donoghue-Kent
Occupation: Student
Town & State: Bunyip, Victoria
Equestrain Discipline: Barrel Racing (Australian professional rodeo association)

Shianne O’Donoghue-Kent

What is the name of your horse(s) at the moment?
These are my main competition horse at the moment. Duall wood (Cool) & Mr Cool Jewel (Turbo)

Name of your first horse?

When did you start riding?
At the age of 2

What have been the highlights in your riding career so far?

  • Winning 4 APRA junior (under 18) pro tour titles
  • Making it to the open (all age) NFR (National Finals Rodeo) at the Gold Coast every year since I started competing in open events (4 times). The top 15 money earners for the year qualify.
  • Being one of the youngest (if not the youngest) to qualify for a junior NFR at the age 10. The top 10 money earners for the year qualify.
  • Winning and placing in the open and junior barrel races at all three of the biggest rodeos in Australia being Darwin, Mt.Isa and Warwick multiple times.
  • Winning multiple SCRC (Southern Cross rodeo circuit) titles.

What other interest besides horses do you have?
Health and fitness, cooking

What is the one item in your tack room you just can’t live without?
My Sherri Cervi Diamond Lifter bits, they are my most used bits and I find they get the best out of my horses, they are very versatile and an easy transformation from a snaffle for young horses.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
To never, ever, ever give up! My auntie also always told me something that has stuck in my head, ‘No one can make you feel inferior, you have to let them’ this saying is very important to me and I feel it is very helpful when competition and life starts to become overwhelming.

What advice would you give to young riders?
Even the champions started somewhere, never, ever give up and never be scared to ask for advice, always ask for advice, put everything you have into your dreams and try and learn as much as possible.

What is the most important aspect of your horse’s health for your sport?
Keeping my horses hydrated and feed well is very important to me, my horses are travelled constantly and often competing, they need to be consuming the best products as they are always changing climates and feeds which can affect their health, I make sure they are feed supplements to keep their diet balanced and lots of electrolytes to keep them drinking and hydrated as they are often losing important minerals and water which will affect their performance. I also make sure that I am always looking after their joints, by icing their legs and joints after performance and making sure they consume supplements.

What is your favourite Virbac product and why?
Recharge, I find this product dramatically increases my horses’ performance and energy, they recover after the competitions ‘recharged’ and ready to run again.

Future goals?
In the future I would LOVE to win an open APRA title! Especially in Barrel racing, one day I also want to travel to America and experience rodeo over there. 

2014 update for Shianne & Montana
2014 so far has been a very busy year for Montana and myself when it comes to competing. We started the year competing full on, with the whole of Christmas and New Years taken up with rodeos only to be at least one rodeo every weekend until Easter where we went away for 5 days. In these 5 days we travelled 1500km and went to 4 rodeos. Montana and I both placed in all of these rodeos picking up enough money to keep us well inside the top 15 and top 10 competitors (top 15 for open competitors, Being myself, and top 10 for juniors, Montana) in Australia.

In April we made the trip to Caboolture, QLD where I would compete in the top 15 Australian competitors over 4 rounds for the title and Montana would compete with the top 10 junior (under 18 years of age) competitors over 3 rounds for the title. Unfortunately leading up to the finals Montana's good Quarter horse, Oakie triggered an old injury witch put him out for the finals. Montana had to ride two different horses at the finals, two horses that she had never ridden until the day of the finals. She did a great job bonding with these horses on a surface that was less than idea and with no experience. She placed in a round and finished high in the standings over all with three clean rounds completed. I started my finals with a good, clean run placing up with the fast horses but unfortunately in round 2 my horse and I had a fall and fell on a drum, this a result of quite 'slick' ground. This fall put us out of the average but we soldiered on to have another 2 clean runs.

A week after returning from QLD we loaded up again, this time Montana with Oakie who had made a recovery, and headed to Tamworth, NSW. This time we were headed to the National High school rodeo finals; Montana and I qualified for these finals throughout the year and both took the maximum of 40 points each into these finals. Over three rounds Montana and I both managed to place in every round leaving us placing 1st (myself) and 3rd (Montana) in the average. The top four in the average qualified to compete in Wyoming, USA in July.

As we both qualified in the top four in June, Montana and I will make the trip to the USA to travel and compete. We are extremely excited to have this opportunity. And that is a small insight into the last 6 months of our lives. Thankyou so much for your support, your products help keep out horses fit and healthy whilst traveling the many miles we do. I'm not sure where we would be without you.