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Meet Wayne Backhouse & Jody Grading

Name: Wayne Backhouse and Jody Grading, Global Equine Marketing Qld
Occupation: Arabian Show Horse Trainer
Equestrian Discipline: Training, Showing and Marketing Arabian Horses 

Wayne Backhouse & Jody Grading

What is the name or your horses(s) at the moment
We have too many to name as we have up to 40 horses here at any one time.

Name of my first horse
His name was Raffindale he was a grey Part Arabian gelding.

When did we start showing
Started showing horses when I was 16 years old. But we have been showing professionally now for 12 years.

The highlights in our showing career so far
There are many but showing Arabian horses to Australian and National Championship wins is well up there. I was given the opportunity recently to travel and work in USA with a large trainer which was a great learning curve for us and worked with some of the best Arabian horses in the world at that time.

What other interests do I have besides horses
Travelling, Fishing and all types of sport.

What is the one item in our tack room I wouldn’t be without - Pulse-8 this is so important to us in keeping horses energy levels high and giving them and us the edge in the show ring.

What is the best advice I have been given
Follow your dreams and never give up.

My best advice I could give to young people showing
Is to watch and learn from as many people as you can and from that create your own way of doing things that will help you in what you want to achieve. Most important thing to remember is that you will always keep learning everyday throughout your life.

What is the most important aspect of horse’s health for our show horses
Overall well being which includes feed, conditioning, worming etc. We need our horses to have great coats and be super fit for what we expect from them in the show ring. To me a fit horse is a Show Horse.

What is our favourite Virbac product
Well I guess I have two favourite products. They are Pulse-8 which gives us the ‘High Energy’ that we want in our show horses and the other is Feramo with Chromium which gives us our great coats and gives us great muscle tone in our horses.