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Meet Wendy Schaeffer

Name: Wendy Schaeffer
Occupation: Director of Sunburst Equestrian
Town & State: Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Equestrain Discipline: Show Jumping and Eventing

Wendy Schaeffer

Australian equestrian rider Wendy Schaeffer has her sights set on the 2014 World Games in Normandy, France. Ensuring the peak health of her horses is critical in the lead-up to that competition.

Ms Schaeffer manages Sunburst Equestrian, at Sunning Hill in the Adelaide Hills, breeding and training horses for elite and showjumping equestrian competitions worldwide. For the past two years, she has divided her time between Australia and the United Kingdom, where she was training for the recent Olympic Games in London.

“Unfortunately, my horse was injured in the selection trials so we didn’t make it but I plan to stay in the United Kingdom to prepare for the World Games,” she said.

For the past five years, she has been sponsored by Virbac Animal Health, which supplies a range of equine health products including Equimax and Strategy-T.

Equimax is a broad-spectrum horse worming paste for treating all major parasites in horse including tapeworm and all three species of bots, while Strategy-T is extremely effective against all roundworms, including ascarids, as well as other types of worms such as strongyles.

“I use both products in rotation to protect against resistance,” Ms Schaeffer said. “Worm control is particularly critical for my top horses, which travelled with me to the UK. Given the expense of bringing the animals from Australia, I need to ensure the best protection possible.

“Worm control is part of my regular animal health maintenance program because even though the horses might not be showing symptoms, if you wait for a horse to show clinical symptoms of worms then the damage is already done.”

This damage can range from scarring of the lungs, which prevents horses from reaching their potential, to death.

For optimum nutritional health, Ms Schaeffer uses Virbac’s Feramo with Chromium. The vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement, developed specifically for performance horses, is mixed with food on a daily basis.

“I had used Virbac’s worming products prior to the sponsorship but not the nutritional supplement." she said. "Since introducing Feramo as part of our nutritional program, I’ve really noticed a difference in the health and overall performance of our horses.

“Virbac really is a leader in the provision of equine products and their commitment to supporting the industry makes a significant difference, particularly given that the sport isn’t as high profile and profitable in Australia as it is overseas.

“Virbac has a reputation for quality products and as a person who’s passionate about horses, that counts for a lot.”

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