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Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Cattle: Testimonials



"The response of these cattle was very noticeable. Purely from observation you could tell which animals got the works."

Robert Lethbridge, "Warren Point", Mitchell - 529KB 


"We were impressed with the results and longevity of the product, with our initial control mob remaining free of ticks for a longer period..."

Carolyn and Warren Kenny, “Wajatryn Pastoral Company & Droughtmaster Stud”, Gayndah - 476KB 



"When the cost is spread over additional kilograms gained, higher conception rates and improved ‘eye appeal’ of sale stock, it becomes a very worthwhile investment."

Gordon & Sally Wollen, Glen Innes - 608KB 



"To ensure we maintain growth across the herd we treat each class of animal with products that best suit their situation and challenge."

Roger Tindale “Yandooya” Ebor - 571KB 



"The heifers averaged 250kg at treatment and after three months the treated heifers were 30kg heavier which for me was very significant."

Anthony Moroney, Sunnyside, Glen Innes - 657KB 



"The cattle cleaned up noticeably and beefed up throughout the winter. We sold for the first time at 300kg plus in the April sales, and received 254c/kg."

Brian Smith, Riverview, Tenterfield - 1MB 



"With the success of this program we are now using Cydectin LA, Multimin and 5 in 1 + B12 on all our young cattle and replacement breeders as weaners."

Greg Smith, Uralla - 764KB 



"Using Cydectin LA Injection and Flukazole C together gave us a 39% (17kg) increase in growth over the fluke and roundworm pour-on product."

Scott Beaumont, Dorrigo
- 570KB


"The results have been consistent over all the cattle... and most importantly for the first time we had no sale cattle to carry over winter.

John Turnbull, “Bald Hills” Ebor - 656KB 



"With the use of Cydectin LA, Flukazole and Multimin the weightgains have been very good."

Terry Cunich, Tenterfield - 578KB 



"Overall the Cydectin LA/Multimin/5 in 1 + B12 cattle were 5% heavier and worth an extra 5% in sale appearance."

Bruce Coultard, Kingstown - 599KB 



"With the combination of Cydectin LA, Flukazole and multimin we now sell cattle two to three months earlier into the samefeeder market."

Ranald Braund, Ebor - 523KB 



"I was amazed at how good the response has been. I have had vets here testing for it and they hadn’t been able to put their finger on it."

Rob Perkins, The Racecourse, Ebor - 545KB 

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