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Nitromec Injection: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nitromec Injection?

Nitromec Injection is the world’s first triple active injectable cattle parasiticide and contains a combination of nitroxynil, clorsulon and ivermectin. Nitromec Injection will control susceptible liver fluke (all three stages), roundworms and external parasites, including sucking lice and cattle tick.

What is special about Nitromec Injection?

The nitroxynil and clorsulon in Nitromec act together in synergy to provide the outstanding efficacy against liver fluke (controlling flukes as young as two weeks of age) seen only in one other product (Virbac’s Flukazole C Plus Selenium). Nitromec does not contain triclabendazole, the chemical traditionally used for controlling all three stages of the liver fluke, so it provides producers with an effective option to rotate their chemical families.

Is it really necessary to control two week old liver fluke?

The liver tissue damage caused by migrating two week old early immature liver flukes can be devastating to the health and ongoing performance of your animals. An independent study of young calves found that animals treated to remove early immature 1-2 week old liver flukes had greater weight gains than those calves treated 4-6 or 8-12 weeks post infection. The study found a 13kg weight gain advantage in treating early versus treating when the flukes became adults.

Is Nitromec Injection only effective against liver fluke?

No. Nitromec Injection will give you superior liver fluke control, down to the two week old stage. In addition it will also provide effective control of all gastrointestinal roundworms including Small brown stomach worm (Ostertagia ostertagi), Barber’s pole worm (Haemonchus placei) and Small intestinal worm (Cooperia spp) among others. It will also control sucking lice and cattle tick and aid in the control of Mites and Biting lice.

Why would I use Nitromec Injection?

Nitromec provides broad spectrum parasite control including outstanding efficacy against liver fluke. Nitromec controls all three stages of the liver fluke, including the damaging two week old early immature stage, providing an outstanding option for your autumn and summer fluke treatments. The use of Nitromec in this way will also provide effective control of sucking lice, gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworm at strategically important times.

How is Nitromec Injection different from other injectable flukicides?

Most injectable flukicides only control adult liver flukes. The synergistic relationship between the clorsulon and nitroxynil in Nitromec means that it can kill all three stages of the liver fluke, including the two week old early immature stage.

Why would I use an injectable over a pour-on when the pour-ons are easier to use?

Nitromec Injection is one of only two registered products with a claim for the control of two week old early immature liver flukes. Independent studies have shown that Nitromec Injection provides far better control of liver fluke than current pour-on flukicides achieve, with popular pour-ons controlling less than 10% of two week old early immature flukes. When using an injectable product you know the dose is in the animal and working. The condition of the animal’s coat and the weather won’t influence how well the product performs.

How long will my cattle be protected for after I inject the product?

Nitromec has not been designed to be a persistent product. It provides a fast and effective knockdown of parasites and can be used strategically within a programme to provide excellent control of liver fluke and other parasites.

What is the recommended dose rate for Nitromec Injection?

Nitromec should be administered to beef cattle at a dose rate of 1.5mL per 50kg. Therefore if you had a beast weighing 400kg you would need to apply a 12mL dose.

Why is the dose rate higher than other flukicide injection products?

Nitromec is a formulation consisting of three major actives; nitroxynil, clorsulon and ivermectin. It was necessary to use the unusual dose rate so that an accurate balance between the three actives could be achieved.

The product liquid looks quite thick, how will it travel through an injector?

Nitromec Injection is quite viscous and requires the right equipment to ensure the product application is a simple process. A 16 gauge needle size is recommended for efficient product flow and animal welfare. The Nitromec 15mL applicator has been independently tested and has shown similar delivery speed to other flukicide injectable products on the market.

Where do I inject the product on the animal?

It is administered as a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection, high on the neck. Ensure you have access to the appropriate cattle handling facilities to protect the safety of anyone administering the product.

Can I inject other injectable products at the same time as Nitromec Injection?

Injectable additional products at the same time as Nitromec Injection should cause no issue. However it is advised that each treatment is injected via different sites on the animal, each being at least one hand width apart.

Does the product stain the coat of the animal after administration?

The bright orange colour of the nitroxynil in Nitromec can potentially stain the animal’s hide. To minimise this occurrence, we recommend reviewing your injection method. Injecting the product into a ‘tented’ area of skin (skin pulled out) high on the neck, pointing the needle tip downward will reduce the chance of any leakage from the injection site. We do not, however, recommend you use the product on any light coloured show animals.

How long can I keep any remaining product after I have broken the seal?

Nitromec has a broached vial claim for 30 months after opening. This means that once the sterile seal is broken you can keep any remaining product and continue to use it for 30 months. Always attempt to keep foreign bodies (including water, dust and dirt) out of the solution if the seal has been broken and store the product as per the label instructions.

Can I use the product on cows that are in-calf?

Nitromec Injection can be used on BEEF cows that are pregnant. However any calf born to a treated cow must not be slaughtered for export for 120 days after treatment of the cow. Nitromec is not registered for use in dairy cows.

How much will a dose cost me?

We are unable to supply actual retail pricing, but as a guide, for a 500kg animal it is possible to expect the retail dose price to be around $8.50 excl GST.

What pack sizes does the product come in and how many animals will that treat?

Nitromec is supplied in a 1L pillow pack treating 66 cattle at 500kg. It also comes as a 2.5L backpack treating 167 cattle at 500kg

How do I know if I have a liver fluke problem on my property?

A simple diagnostic test will tell you whether you have liver flukes in your animals. A blood sample can be tested to detect if any fluke antibodies are present to give you a positive or negative result. For more information on this service please contact your local Virbac Area Manager.