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Taktic WP: Quick Reference Guide

Species: Cattle

Ranges: External Parasites


For the control of ticks, including organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains, on cattle in NSW and QLD and cattle tick on sheep, goats, deer and certain circus animals in NSW only.


  • Amitraz 500g/kg


  • A wettable powder for use, when diluted, as a spray or dip
  • Contains amitraz
  • Ideal pre-clearing treatment
  • Nil withholding periods


  • Initial charge, mixing and stabilising

For each 1,000L of water in the dip or sump, empty 500g Taktic WP (one tin) into a bucket containing water and stir into a smooth creamy suspension. Pour into dip/sump, then rinse bucket adding rinsing to dip/sump. Do not retain opened Taktic WP or Taktic Stabiliser packs for later use. Use all the contents of each packimmediately after opening since Taktic WP and Taktic Stabiliser deteriorate in opened packs. Similarly, any unused, unstabilised dip wash should be discarded if not used within 24 hours. It should not be retained for later use unless stabilised fi rst. Stabilise by mixing the contents of one pack (10kg) of Taktic Stabiliser* per 1,000L of water in the dip or sump, taking care to distribute the stabiliser along the surface of the dip. *Hydrated (slaked) lime (80% purity) can be used for this purpose.

  • Plunge Dip

For each 1,000L of water in the dip add one container (500g) of Taktic WP as an initial charge. Stabilisation (10kg Taktic stabilizer per 1,000L of dip wash) is always required. If the dip has not been used for 2 months, add a 10kg bag of lime for every 2,000L in the dip. When the level of the dip has fallen by 700L, top up by adding 700L of water and 500g Taktic WP plus 10kg Taktic Stabiliser. Mix as above. It is not advisable to allow the dip to fall by more than 700L from its original level. It is essential that the dip be stirred at the start of each day’s dipping, and again if more than half an hour between dipping. Use at least 30 head of cattle through the dip and return these to the main mob for re-dipping. If it is some time since the dip has been used, adjust the dip to make up for evaporation or flooding

  • Spray Race

Taktic WP can be used in spray races, however, Taktic EC is recommended as it mixes fully with water and does not settle quickly. Charge with 500g of Taktic WP per 1,000L, mixing as above. Stabilisation (10kg Taktic Stabiliser per 1,000L) is required when unused dip is to be retained for later use (more than 24 hours of initial charge). Each time the level of spray wash in the sump drops by more than 300L reinforce by adding 100g Taktic WP and continue spraying. Do NOT add water. Do NOT add Taktic Stabiliser. Continue spraying until no more wash can be pumped out. When the wash is polluted, clean out sump before charging. If the spray wash is not stabilised it is important that all spray wash remaining in the sump be pumped out before recharging if it has stood for more than 24 hours. Once the suspension has been added to the sump, stir thoroughly using the pump or manually with a paddle. Spray wash in the sump must be stirred thoroughly at the commencement of each spraying session and again if there is a break of more than half an hour during spraying.


  • Meat: Nil
  • Milk: Nil
  • ESI: Nil


Powder: 500g and Kimberly Pack (40 x 500g plus 40 x 10kg lime stabiliser)


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in closed, original container in a dry well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.

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