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Multimin Injection for Cattle: Testimonials




"Overall, better condition on the weaners really helps them with the stress of travel..."

Billy and Jo Geddes Rockhampton - 470KB 


"...since application they are powering ahead over what we would normally see at this time of year compared to previous years."


Clint and Robyn Whitaker "Burnett Park", Mundubbera - 495KB 

"The response of these cattle was very noticeable. Purely from observation you could tell which animals got the works."


Robert Lethbridge, "Warren Point", Mitchell - 529KB 

"There was an 8% increase of heifers in-calf... This made the one-off injection cost effective and easy to administer."


Spencer Morgan, The Grove Shorthorns, Condamine - 451KB 

"I was truly amazed by the results after just one injection of Multimin... We selected the poorest performing steers to be injected... so the results have really impressed me."


George Hacon, Kallala Station, Mt Isa - 431KB 

"This means the Multimin weaners had a 75% higher daily average weight gain."


Judy Smith, "Langton Downs", Clermont - 432KB 



"Since using Multimin, every bull from ‘Truro’ has passed its semen test. Our bulls are better looking at sale time and have better quality semen."

Scott and Pip Hann, ‘Truro’ Bellata - 527KB 


"From now on, we will routinely use Cydectin Long acting andMultimin at weaning... benefits to be gained from these products are too significant to ignore."

Millah Murrah angus Stud, Bathurst - 430KB 

"The heifers that were treated with Cydectin La plus Multimin had 51% (22.3kg) more weight gain... This data really surprised and impressed us."

Rennylea angus Stud, Bowna - 503KB 

"When the cost is spread over additional kilograms gained, higher conception rates and improved ‘eye appeal’ of sale stock, it becomes a very worthwhile investment."

Gordon & Sally Wollen, Glen Innes - 608KB 



“The product is very easy to inject into the animal, there is no wastage and no time constraints. We have been very impressed with the results...”

Dougal Brett, Waterloo Station - 478KB 


“Multimin Injection has definitely made a difference to my cattle and is now an ideal fit within my animal health program”

Raymond Murphy, Kalala Station - 719KB 




“...Twelve months after the trial I was asked by an impressed export dairy cattle buyer ‘Who manages your cattle health?’ The answer- I do with Virbac!”

Bruce Bilney, Francis Park, Irrewarra - 412KB 


“Since we started using Multimin the results in our ET program have improved considerably...”

Stephen Coombes, Long Flat - 438KB 


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