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Virbac’s 30-year milestone ahead

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 

Long-standing staff at Virbac have told the Crookwell Gazette they have worked with the company for so long because it is close to home and the work has variety.

LONG-STANDING: (Over 20-years) Jenny Spackman, Mish Clarke, Janette Dunn and Glen Welsh. Photo Bronwyn Haynes.

Other reasons include; a range of good people to work with, the company is fair and equal and it is sometimes a challenging and technical job.

They like the variety of positions in the factory that everyone can work at.

The company will celebrate 30-years in Australia and 29-years based in Crookwell next month.

Virbac began in Australia in June 1987 when Mr Bill Blackall purchased Pet Care Products, a Western Australian company.

The following year Virbac purchased Cliftons Rural Products in Crookwell. 

Cliftons had been established in the late 1950's by Jack Clifton and developed by his son Jim. They were local pharmacists and entrepreneurs.

Virbac Australia continued to acquire related veterinary companies over the following years, the most recent being Vetsearch International in 2000, Fort Dodge in 2010 and Peptech Animal Health in 2011.

In Crookwell, Virbac Australia employ 27 people, in full time and casual positions making it a significant employer in this community.

Crookwell produces over 75 different bulks packaged into hundreds of different presentations.

They specialise in the rural, equine and companion animal Sector.

Virbac is the seventh largest veterinary company in the world.

With over 4800 people employed worldwide with production centres in 11 countries and sale Subsidiaries in 31 countries.

The Company export Virbac products to New Zealand, Middle East and Asia.

Our WetSearch range of products is unique to Australia and we are exporting these to Europe. (UK, Netherlands and Italy)

Visitors to the site are usually surprised at the extent of the facility and why Virbac is based in Crookwell, with a significant manufacturing facility. 

An element is history, but Virbac has chosen to invest further in the site because it is successful and also has a key role to play in the local community. Having an experienced and dedicated team of people at Virbac Crookwell, helps us produce quality products as efficiently as possible, giving us the ability to be competitive. It also means there are constant improvements to our facility and practices, and that has led to the business continuing to expand for 30 years.

Not only do we have a competitive industry but a highly regulated industry too. ln Australia all veterinary products must be registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority, To obtain and maintain a licence, a Code of Good Manufacturing Practice must be followed.

This sets out the minimum conditions, systems and practises which a manufacturer must conform to.

We are audited for compliance to this code on a regular basis.

Virbac emphasises safe work practices and responsibility to the environment. All chemical residues and waste are transported offsite for disposal by licensed contractors.

A bunded wall retains potential spills particularly in the event of water being used to quench a fire.

Cardboard waste is recycled through a contractor and the site is always actively working on environmental improvements.

Virbac is proud of its association with Crookwell and recognises the role it has in the local community as a key local employer, a responsibility it takes seriously.



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