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Second dairy symposium organised by Virbac

Thursday, October 19, 2017 


Following the first symposium organised in 2014, the group strenghtens its commitment to the dairy sector.

Virbac Dairy SymposiumVirbac is the world's seventh largest veterinary pharmaceutical group. At the end of September, it gathered together over a hundred professionals from the dairy sector at this high-level scientific symposium held in Latin America. Delegates (primarily veterinary practitioners) from 21 countries attended, and although most came from South America others also came from Australia, New Zealand, India, Asia and South Africa.

Between 25 and 27 September 2017 a hundred individuals involved in dairy animal health came together in Colombia to hear about the latest research into better management of herd health and optimisation of dairy production. The seven expert speakers presented technical and scientific advances being made in solving the major problems encountered in the 150 critical days between drying off and confirmation of the next gestation.

A global approach to increasing productivity

Faced with a growing demand for animal protein, particularly milk, increased production can be achieved primarily through improved productivity, something which goes hand in hand with the sanitary care, health and well-being of animals. Virbac's aim is to meet this need by means of the Virbac Dairy Symposium. This is an integral part of the Target 150 project, whose aim is to improve understanding through presenting the most recent areas of research in this subject. The objective is simple: to impart knowledge, share experience and provide training in how to deal with the key issues of dairy herd health, based on animals' well-being and comfort, on nutrition, reproduction, quality of life and health of the calves. "Our wish is to provide veterinary practitioners and stock breeders with solutions to these major problems which combine our product range and our diagnostic tools and services", explains Luc Durel, Global Technical Manager, Ruminants.

The Virbac Dairy Symposium: an international event

In 2014, Virbac invited veterinarians and professionals working in the sector to its first symposium, in Europe (France). The 2017 symposium is a continuation of Virbac's involvement. South America was chosen because the dairy sector there is undergoing considerable growth. This is therefore a way for the Group to implement its strong desire to internationalise its operations by decentralising this event to another region, to Colombia, beyond Europe. The event was an opportunity for a hundred veterinary practitioners to improve their skills by means of ten sessions, dealing with three themes: Animal well-being and comfort as a factor in stock productivity, dairy cow reproduction (infectious diseases and nutrient and micro-nutrient additives), and finally precision dairy stock-rearing or smart farming. During the next few months videos re-tracing the major themes of the conference will be freely available to anyone.

Scientific programme

  • Economic Efficiency of Growing Dairy Farms: crucial factors for success - Arnau Àlvarez Capellà
  • Automated detection of mastitis - Ricardo Bexiga
  • The Importance of Body Condition Score in Dairy Cow Health and Production - Finbar Mulligan
  • Dairy cow welfare in the 21st century - Scott McDougall
  • How to successfully prevent calf diarrhoea in dairy farms - Gustave Decuadro-Hansen
  • Consequences of claw and foot diseases in dairy cattle - Ricardo Bexiga
  • The Role of Dairy Cow Nutrition in Reproductive Performance - Finbar Mulligan
  • Trace mineral supplementation on periparturient dairy cows - Sebastián J. Picco
  • Endometritis: diagnosis, detection, impact and management - Scott McDougall
  • Major advances to prevent reproductive disorders in dairy cows - Gustave Decuadro.

A company involved in the dairy sector in forty countries

Through its investment in R&D and in industrial resources, through its acquisitions and joint-ventures on a global level, over the last few years Virbac has demonstrated its strategic commitment to ruminants and the dairy sector. Virbac currently has a presence in the dairy sector in over forty countries worldwide. The company is the pharmaceutical market leader in this sector in India - the world's leading dairy producer - and is in 4th place in the French market. Over a quarter of the Group's turnover comes from ruminant health care, with the majority from the dairy sector



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