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Double inject for maximum effect - Optimise growth in calves

Calf marking presents the next opportunity to further develop your animal health program. Colostrum is a valuable resource; however, as lactation continues the value of milk declines rapidly. By the time the calf is marked, immunity obtained from the colostrum begins to diminish along with trace mineral and vitamin reserves. Calf marking presents an ideal opportunity for you to ‘top up’ trace elements and develop the immunity necessary to allow your calves to reach their full potential.

Virbac recommends the use of MULTIMIN® Injection for Cattle and Websters® 5in1 with Vitamin B12 as part of your animal health program for young, growing animals. 

Start your vaccination program with Websters 5in1 + B12

This unique product protects against the 5 major clostridial diseases which have the potential to cause losses in young, rapidly growing animals.

Vitamin B12 is essential for efficient energy use within the body.

Supplementation of B12 to calves can increase appetite and therefore weight gain1. Don’t just protect your animals with vaccination, increase their growth rates too.

MULTIMIN Injection for Cattle

Multimin contains the trace minerals selenium, copper, zinc and manganese. These trace minerals can help provide a strong foundation for optimum growth and productivity in the future. At marking, calves are undergoing a growth phase and developing muscle, cartilage and bone. Trace minerals are integral to this process and for optimal growth, the nutritional status of the animal, including trace minerals, must be adequate.

Increasing trace mineral levels can also help reduce the risk of disease, as the trace minerals in Multimin all have important roles in disease resistance. As well, it was recently reported that the production of antibodies in response to vaccination decreases trace mineral levels2. In this trial, injecting calves with Multimin was able to prevent this decrease in trace mineral levels. This allows trace minerals to be used for other functions such as growth and development.