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Support product research by buying branded

Developing a brand new product - whether animal vaccines, drenches, crop protection chemicals or even human pharmaceuticals - is a long, risky and expensive process. Industry support is essential.

Farmers who choose branded products instead of generic versions help to support the research and development process that keeps new products coming.

Generic product manufacturers have much shorter development and regulatory approval timeframes to deal with because the original developer has already invested in all the trials and marketing, so they can get products to market at a lower cost.

But the more prices are undercut, the less incentive there is for those original manufacturers to work on new product development. The kinds of products that have revolutionised the ag industry have only been developed because companies took the risk of investing time and money.

Creating new products – what’s involved?

The process of developing a new product, from light bulb moment to market, can take up to eight years and cost millions of dollars – if it actually gets that far.

Some companies say they’re lucky if five per cent of the projects they’re investing in come to fruition.

There are generally four types of product development, each with its own level of risk.

  • Innovative products are brand new products that rely on a novel development, like the discovery of a new molecule

  • New products are those which are based on existing active ingredients but bring something new to the market, for example a new combination of actives

  • Product improvements include new label claims for existing products or new packaging that might alter the product usage

  • Generics are direct copies of existing products that have either never been protected by patent or that have expired patent protection

The more innovative a product is, the more risk there is. If you are developing something no one has seen before, you might have to create the market from scratch. Conversely there may be a market when you start out, but it’s hard to know if it will still be there six years down the track when your product is ready to launch.

Generic product manufacturers enter into an established market where the company that developed the original product has already done all the work, from developing the science to gaining regulatory approvals to building the market – so their risk is much lower.

What’s your role?

As a producer, your role in product development is to provide feedback to the R&D companies. What’s working – or what’s not working? What would make your life a little easier? What application methods do you prefer? What are some of the animal health challenges you face every day?

We want to know – and now’s your chance to share.

Virbac is one of only a few animal health companies that not only conduct R&D in Australia, but also manufacture here as well. We’re looking to you for our next big idea, and giving away $1,000 for just sharing your ideas.

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