Shaping the future of animal health

Virbac Vaccines are manufactured locally to the highest quality standard

Investing in the future of Australian livestock

Virbac’s vaccine production plant represents a significant milestone in the support and development of new vaccines for the Australian livestock market.

Virbac has invested millions of dollars in upgrading the vaccine production plant since its acquisition in 2010. The goal for Virbac has been to increase production capacity and support the development of new vaccines as well as constantly improving on our existing product range.

Facing the challenges through innovation

There are a number of challenges facing Australian livestock producers. Through innovation we will respond to existing and growing market needs with products designed to:

  • Improve animal welfare.
  • Reduce the reliance of chemicals on farm by providing biological solutions.
  • Provide convenience through novel combinations of active ingredients e.g. Cydectin® Weanerguard and Eweguard which combine the combination of Cydectin, a 6 in 1 vaccine as well as selenium and vitamin B12.
  • Reduce the number of injections per animal e.g. SingVac® 3 Year, which provides a single injection against botulism that protects for 36 months.

Leading the market through strong partnerships

By creating strong and enduring alliances with universities, producer organisations, biotech companies and suppliers, Virbac will work with the industry to ensure that our livestock producers continue to set the standard for animal health practices.

This plant located in Penrith, NSW allows us to develop high quality products more efficiently than ever before. The benefits of this upgraded facility to the livestock industry are evident in our ongoing innovation to develop new processes and products and make them readily available to the market.

Top Quality Defence for All Australian Conditions