Target Sheep #4: Pre-Lambing - Optimise the health and productivity of your flock

Pregnant ewes need careful management to ensure that they lamb down in the right condition for optimum lamb weight and survival – and that ewes have sufficient condition to recover quickly before the next joining. The combined effects of a suppressed immune system and the physiological stresses of pregnancy means ewes are particularly susceptible to worm burdens and clostridial diseases. Higher egg output increases pasture contamination and the risk posed to highly vulnerable lambs. 

Join Dr Tim Elliott and Dr George Cox, and learn about the importance of managing ewes pre-lambing and whether you should consider drenching now. 

What you will learn during this session:

  • The impact of stress pregnancy has on a ewe and the impact this has on parasite population on your pasture.
  • What animal health considerations you should be making pre-lambing.
  • How to ensure that your pre-lambing program is highly effective.