Show initiative and boldness. Venture off the beaten track, with no dogma. This is our driving force. This allows us to learn from our mistakes, to be resilient and reinvent ourselves to quickly adapt to our rapidly-changing world.

Stimulate innovation

Each of our actions are nourished by creativity and by our astute mindset. At the forefront of the newest trends and tools, we are committed to offering ever more ingenious and useful solutions to our customers. We focus on prevention and well-being of animals to answer current animal health challenges around the world, while keeping in mind the nutritional and sanitary dimensions.

Demonstrate our engagement

At Virbac, we work with passion and do the best possible job in each and every project we undertake. Our joint efforts and team spirit fuel our desire to excel, while enabling us to build on each other’s professional and cultural differences in search of an always better result.

Foster acustomer-drivenapproach

Those who care for animals are quintessential to our existence. This is why it is essential for us to be mindful of the expectations of veterinarians, farmers and pet owners. This is the “glue that binds” the unique and intense relationships we have with them; which is key in anticipating their needs and providing them with useful, lasting solutions that improve veterinary practice and quality of life for animals.

Payattention to people

People are the key to success at Virbac, and they are a major distinguishing feature for a company of our size. We provide each employee with an environment of continuous development, so they can grow and move the company forward in an environment where sharing and team spirit are key. Diversity and human values are some of our strengths, providing an even richer experience to our teams and customers alike.

Choose sustainability

We have always looked to the future. We strive to shape and develop our line of work, and to make it more sustainable for the long-term. This is why we are always careful to only make high-quality investments and emphasize long-term profitability above short-term pay-offs. Performance is only sustainable when adopting an approach that simultaneously reconciles economic growth, care for people and the environment. At Virbac, it is our responsibility to find the best balance among these three dimensions.


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