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The world’s first Dual Active Moxidectin Levamisole Pour-on for cattle. CYDECTIN® PLATINUM is highly effective against key cattle worms including strains resistant to commonly used single active endectocides such as Doramectin, Abamectin, Ivermectin and/or Moxidectin, and/or Levamisole.1

  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Australian made
    Australian made


CYDECTIN PLATINUM offers unrivalled worm control through its Dual Actives - the potency and persistency of Moxidectin as well as the broad spectrum activity of a second active, it is highly effective against single and dual resistant worm strains.1,2

CYDECTIN PLATINUM reduces pasture contamination for 21-35 days, has a short 7 Day meat WHP, 20 Day ESI and can be used in dairy cattle 28 days prior to calving. It is non-irritant with the convenience of a low volume pour-on1.

The New DMI-SorbTM Formulation Technology* provides a pour-on that stays on, enhances absorption of the actives and reduces active absorption variability between animals.

  • The world’s first Dual Active Moxidectin Levamisole Pour-on.
  • The most recently tested pour-on cattle drench in Australia, proven to be highly effective against key cattle worms including single and dual resistant strains1
  • The only combination cattle drench with persistent activity that provides cleaner pastures1
  • No known impact on Dung Beetles**
  • Rainfast from 2 hours after treatment1
  • Non-irritant - does not irritate the skin or damage the hide1
  • Low odour and non-flammable


Experts recommend the use of Dual Active drenches with the highest efficacy at every time point in all classes of cattle to optimise productivity to treat and prevent drench resistance.3

  • Leaving worms behind in cattle can lead to significant productivity losses.
  • CYDECTIN PLATINUM provides worm control even in the face of single and dual resistance.

To protect productivity, always use a drench with the highest efficacy.


While drenches can have registered claims for treatment and control of worms, a Drench-Check may reveal a very different picture to what is on the label. CYDECTIN PLATINUM is the most recently developed and trialled drench to hit the Australian market. It has been rigorously tested in registration trials around Australia against current worm strains from key cattle regions. 

CYDECTIN PLATINUM was put to the test under current field conditions in a series of Faecal Egg Count Reduction Trials (FECRTs) in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

CYDECTIN PLATINUM was found to be highly effective against worms at multiple trial sites when compared to single active endectocides 14 days after treatment. Doramectin, ivermectin and moxidectin single active products failed to effectively remove worm burdens 14 days after treatment (less than 95% efficacy).2

Cydectin Platinum graph

  • Doramectin resistant Haemonchus (barber's pole worm) was present on three of four properties (Mt Pleasant, Bingara, Condamine)
  • Doramectin resistant Cooperia was present on two of four properties (Stradbroke and Mt pleasant)
  • Ivermectin resistant Haemonchus (barber's pole worm) was present at both sites (Condamine and Mt Pleasant)
  • Ivermectin resistant Ostertagia, Cooperia and Haemonchus were identified at one site (Mt Pleasant)
  • Moxidectin resistant Cooperia was identified in Uralla

You can be confident that CYDECTIN PLATINUM will perform under current Australian field conditions.


  • Dual Actives - Unrivalled worm control, highly effective against current field strains including strains with single and dual resistance to Doramectin, Ivermectin, Abamectin and/or Moxidectin and/or Levamisole.1
  • Persistent activity and cleaner pastures1 - reduces pasture contamination for 21 - 35 days.
  • Short WHP/ESI offers optimal market flexibility with 7 day meat WHP & 20 day ESI.1
  • The new DMI-SorbTM formulation technology provides increased dermal penetration and enhanced absorption of the actives into the body of the animal.
  • Rainfast - Rainfall from 2 hours after treatment will not affect efficacy.1
  • Does not cause irritation to the skin or damage the hide when used as directed.1
  • No known impact on Dung Beetles** - like the CYDECTIN® POUR-ON and CYDECTIN® INJECTABLE ranges.
  • Safe for concurrent use with vaccines (such as WEBSTERS® 5 IN 1 B12 and WEBSTERS® 7 IN 1), and mineral supplements (such as MULTIMIN®).


Cydectin Platinum diagram


  • Moxidectin 10 g/L
  • Levamisole (as base) 200 g/L

The volume to use is 1 mL per 20 kg liveweight. This will administer the correct dose of 0.5 mg/kg of moxidectin and 10 mg/kg of levamisole.


  • Low-Volume: 1 mL per 20 kg liveweight.
  • CYDECTIN PLATINUM should be applied along the top of the back from withers to the base of the tail using the recommended applicator.
  • DO NOT UNDERDOSE OR OVERDOSE. Check accuracy of dose delivery of applicator regularly.
Liveweight Dose Volume Doses per pack
(kg) (mL) 1 L 2 L 5 L 10 L
50 – 100 1 mL/20 kg 200 - 400 400 - 800 1,000 - 2000 2,000 - 4,000
101 - 125 6.5 153 307 769 1,538
126 – 150 7.5 133 266 666 1,333
151 – 175 9 111 222 555 1,111
176 – 200 10 100 200 500 1,000
201 - 250 12.5 80 160 400 800
251 -300 15 66 133 333 666
301 - 350 17.5 57 114 285 571
351 - 400 20 50 100 250 500
401 - 450 22.5 44 88 222 444
451 - 500 25 40 80 200 400
501 - 550 27.5 36 72 181 363
551 - 600 30 33 66 166 333
601 - 650 32.5 30 61 153 307

Cattle in excess of 650 kg should be dosed at 1 mL per 20 kg liveweight


  • Meat: 7 Days1
  • Export Slaughter Interval: 20 Days1
  • Milk: DO NOT use in lactating cows or within 28 Days before calving where milk may be used or processed for human consumption.1


Store below 25°C (air conditioning). Protect from light such as in the original box.


Low Volume and convenient range of pack sizes:

1 L, 2 L, 5 L & 10 L

Each pack of Cydectin Platinum includes an Applicator and Draw-off*.

  • Important: CYDECTIN PLATINUM is not compatible with other applicators. Use only the CYDECTIN PLATINUM Applicator. Please read the applicator care instructions before use.
  • Do not clean the applicator with water. Clean with vegetable oil and empty to store.

*1 L Graduated Bottle - gun & draw off not included

CYDECTIN PLATINUM is proudly Australian made at Virbac’s manufacturing facility at Penrith, NSW and supports Australian jobs.

Cydectin Platinum pack sizes

Download product SDS 


1 Refer to Registered Label
2 VBAB17111, FVBAB17110, FVBAB17112, VBAF8022 and VBABF18023.
3 Canton et al (2019) Impact on beef cattle productivity of infection with anthelmintic-resistant nematodes.
*First use of DMI in a moxidectin and levamisole pour-on cattle drench
**Not Likely to have any significant adverse effect on the following dung beetles: Onthophagus gazella, o. taurus, Euniticellus intermedius and E. fulvus. Effects on other dung beetle species have not been fully evaluated.


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