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SingVac’s unique W/O/W technology

There are a number of different adjuvants currently in use in animal health vaccines, however SingVac is the only cattle vaccine in Australia to utilise a water in oil in water adjuvant.

This unique formulation causes the animal’s body to mount a higher immune response against botulism, and to keep building the immune response to a superior level than other ‘traditional’ vaccines. Traditional vaccines contain the antigen suspended in an aluminum salt adjuvant, which delivers all the antigen to the body at the one time upon injection. SingVac has been specially formulated in three layers to create a stronger immune response, and keep cattle better protected for longer.

Stage 1: An immediate immune response

The water and antigen mix that surrounds the oil stimulates the animal’s immune system to mount an initial immune response.

Stage 2: A stronger immune response

Over time the water and antigen droplets trapped inside the oil are released. Every time this happens, the immune system triggers a new round of response to the botulism antigens. No other botulism vaccine on the market can perform this second stage. This is what makes SingVac a technically superior vaccine.

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