In uniform and winter dominant rainfall regions, larval challenge will be high over late autumn to winter. A late summer - autumn treatment with Cydectin Long Acting will strategically reduce risk from contaminated pastures and avoid repeat drench treatments.

  • For a Spring drop calf, Cydectin Long Acting could be its first drench
  • For an Autumn drop calf it may be the second drench

In late winter to spring a highly effective ‘clean up’ drench can complete a program. Cydectin Platinum Dual Active LV Pour-on will provide highly effective and convenient worm control of all key species.


Treatment in late Summer/Autumn with Cydectin Long Acting protects cattle during a critical risk period and reduces paddock contamination.

Same day use of a product containing a different chemical class will extend spectrum of activity or create a ‘combination’ worm treatment. In regions with liver fluke, the same day use of Flukazole® C is an ideal ‘primer’.

Weaners, yearlings, pre-calving, pre-joining

Treatments in late Winter/Spring will continue to provide protection to the animal and stops worms being carried through to the following Autumn. Cydectin® Platinum provides highly effective and convenient worm control.

In regions of liver fluke, same day use of Nitrofluke with Cydectin Platinum creates a leading practice 4-way combo worm and fluke treatment.


Worm control programs vary according to regions in Australia. Consult your local Virbac representative for the ideal timing of your drench treatments.




Cydectin Long Acting must be administered by subcutaneous (under the skin) injection into the back of the ear towards its base. DO NOT administer anywhere else on the animal. Avoid intravascular (into a blood vessel) injection. A maximum of 5 mL can be injected into one site, hence, for cattle above 500 kg, half of the total dose volume should be injected into the back of one ear towards its base and the other half of the total dose should be injected into the back of the opposite ear towards its base.