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IRONCYCLEN® iron and blood building supplement for dogs

IRONCYCLEN liquid contains iron, copper and cobalt to supplement diets which may be deficient in these essential minerals. Racing, training, and other forms of hard exercise increase the requirement for iron.

  • Dog
  • Australian made
    Australian made


  • Three forms of iron for maximum absorption, including organic iron aminoates which eliminate gut irritation and increase absorption.
  • Co-factors of copper and cobalt which are essential to incorporate iron into haemoglobin.
  • Highly palatable molasses flavoured liquid.
  • Liquid formulation for easy mixing in feed or administering over the tongue.


  • All dogs in work
  • Dogs recovering from illness
  • Red blood cell production
  • Haemoglobin formation
  • Helps improve oxygen carrying capacity of the blood


  • The nutrients in IRONCYCLEN are scientifically balanced for:
    • Speed
    • Optimises oxygen levels in the muscles for speed and peak performance.
    • Improved bloodcounts
    • Only 15-18% of the iron in the feedstuffs of the average horse’s diet is absorbed.
    • Stamina
    • Optimises the red blood cell levels to deliver oxygen to the body, vital for stamina
  • 3 forms of iron for maximum absorption

    IRONCYCLEN contains 3 forms of iron which are readily absorbed by the gut and are generally of a higher quality than the regular iron used in many supplements.

  • Essential balance of co-factors: copper and cobalt

    These blood building co-factors are essential for red blood cell and haemoglobin production. Without these co-factors, even with high levels of iron, the horse will still be unable to produce optimal amounts of red blood cells.

  • Quality and freshness assured

    Packaging is light proof to prevent oxidisation of iron and co-factors by exposure to light, air and also to maintain stability and freshness.

  • Highest quality ingredients

    Virbac has always had a commitment and reputation for quality. The high quality of IRONCYCLEN can only really be appreciated once you have started using it and seen the results.

  • Palatable molasses flavoured syrup

    For ease of dosing over the tongue or mixed into feed.

  • Convenient 5L cask packaging

    For easy storage and dosing


Each 4mL dose contains:

  • Iron 34mg
  • Copper 60µg
  • Cobalt 16µg


4mL daily in feed or as directed by a veterinary surgeon


1L, 5L and 20L containers (Please Note: 5L and 20L containers have a picture of a horse on them but are safe to use in greyhounds).


  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 5 Litre Cask
  • 20L Drum


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  • Can IRONCYCLEN be used as a pre or post race boost?

    Studies in human sprinting athletes suggest that oral supplements of iron given about 15-24 hours prior to a race may help to ensure maximum oxygen use by loading iron-containing muscle enzymes in the pre-race period. Iron is utilised in the aerobic muscle energy pathways to aid utilisation of oxygen in metabolism. This may be of benefit in longer distance greyhounds where aerobic energy production provides up to 50% of the energy supply during a race. Obviously, any benefit to oxygen use in muscles in a sprint greyhound may help ensure maximum performance.

    Add 6mL of IRONCYCLEN liquid to the evening meal on each of the two nights leading up to a race. Also provide 2 Rebound tablets (to provide B Complex and Vitamin C) to supplement other beneficial metabolic compounds for energy production and post-race recovery.

    A IRONCYCLEN and NEUTRADEX tonic can be used to aid recovery after a hard race. Add 6mL IRONCYCLEN and 6mL NEUTRADEX over the tongue for two mornings after each hard race.

  • Do greyhounds fed chicken or fish based diets need IRONCYCLEN?

    Chicken meats are low in iron, copper and Vitamin B12. A daily "foundation" supplement of FERAMO - D will provide extra iron and minerals to help correct most of this low dietary intake. However, as a booster, give 6mL of IRONCYCLEN liquid every second day when the greyhound is racing at irregular intervals greater than 7-10 days.

    Note: The pre-race dosage of IRONCYCLEN, and post-race tonic of IRONCYCLEN and NEUTRADEX will effectively take the place of this twice weekly iron boost if the greyhound is racing regularly once per week.

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