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RECHARGE® FOR DOGS the sports drink for dogs

An aid in restoring fluid and electrolyte levels depleted by training, travelling, racing and hot weather. Aids rapid recovery from fatigue and dehydration.

  • Dog
  • Australian made
    Australian made


  • Rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids lost during exercise, travelling and other stressful conditions
  • Rapidly restores vitality
  • Easy to use liquid concentrate – simply add to drinking water
  • Suitable for use in hot weather
  • Tasty flavour dogs will love


  • Racing/travelling greyhounds
  • Working dogs
  • Nursing bitches
  • Dehydrated dogs, due to illness or heat stress


It is common for dogs to lose large amounts of fluids and electrolytes during travelling and other stressful situations such as competition, racing and during hot weather from excessive panting. Unless these losses are rapidly replaced, dehydration, muscle cramping, loss of performance and nervousness can occur.

  • RECHARGE FOR DOGS is great for use during periods of hot weather, after exercise and during travel. RECHARGE aids in restoring fluid and electrolytes and aids in rapid recovery from fatigue and dehydration.
  • RECHARGE is very easy to use. Simply add to cool, clean drinking water. There is no need to wait until the dog has consumed a meal. It comes in a handy portable pack to administer at events and during travel.


5mL of RECHARGE contains:

  • Sodium 0.14g
  • Citrate 0.06g
  • Potassium 0.15g
  • Magnesium 0.02g
  • Chloride 0.22g
  • Sulfate 0.06g
  • Phosphate 0.09g
  • Glucose 1.3g


  • Ensure an adequate supply of clean, cool, fresh drinking water is available after offering RECHARGE drink.
  • The RECHARGE concentrate should be diluted with clean, fresh drinking water as directed. The diluted drink should be offered as the first drink during cooling down from exercise.
  • Before Racing: Mix 5mL into 125mL (1/2 cupful) of cool, clean water, and offer as a drink after travelling prior to kennelling. Estimate the weight loss and offer sufficient to satisfy the greyhound’s thirst, but take care to avoid exceeding the greyhound’s racing weight range.
  • After Racing: Mix 10mL into 250mL (1 cupful) of cool, clean water, and offer as a drink during the cooling down period. Provide a bowl of fresh, cool water in conjunction with the RECHARGE drink in the kennel.
  • Hot weather/Nursing bitches: A bulk solution can be prepared and offered as an alternative drink in conjunction with fresh water. Mix at the rate of 40mL/litre water. Portion out to each greyhound as required, in addition to a bowl of fresh water. Bulk solution may be refrigerated. Mix fresh solution each day.


Store below 30°C (room temperature). Protect from freezing. Replace cap tightly after use.


500mL and 1L


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  • Can I administer RECHARGE over the tongue?

    RECHARGE can be administered over the tongue but when doing so do not exceed 10mL volume at a single dose and always provide fresh, clean drinking water or milky water for the greyhound to drink to replenish fluids. RECHARGE will increase the thirst response and fluid must be available immediately after dosage.

  • Why do greyhounds require electrolytes specially designed for dogs?

    The formulation is specifically matched to the needs of the racing greyhound, containing a high potassium to sodium ratio, citrate salt as a buffering agent and glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes and restore vitality. It is a different formulation to that contained in RECHARGE for Horses, as that formulation is designed to rapidly replace sweat loss after exercise in horses. Both products are totally different to the high sodium, salty tasting sports drinks available for human athletes and sports persons. These are not suited to racing greyhounds (or horses).

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