EQUIMAX® LV Easy to use low volume dose wormer for horses

A broad-spectrum horse worming paste for the treatment and control of susceptible tapeworms and roundworms (including arterial larval stages of Strongylus vulgaris and benzimidazole resistant small strongyles), bots, and skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. (summer sores) and Onchocerca spp. microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

  • Horse


  • Allwormer effective on all susceptible equine internal parasites including all three species of tapeworm and all three species of bots
  • Safe to use on all horses including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions
  • Treats horses to 700kg
  • Ergonomically designed, low volume easy to use tube


  • Has all the benefits of EQUIMAX® in a convenient, low volume dose in an easy-to-use tube
  • Easier to use for those with small hands or those with hard-to-worm horses
  • Safe to use on all types of horses including pregnant mares and breeding stallions
  • Each tube can treat horses up to 700 kg


  • Broad Spectrum Allwormer

    The combination of ivermectin, and praziquantel in EQUIMAX LV provides a broad-spectrum anti-parasiticide for total control of all equine worms, bots, lungworms, intestinal threadworms, tapeworms and skin parasites (summer sores and neck threadworms).

  • Protects against worm related disease

    Every horse faces a daily challenge from parasites in the environment and whilst not every horse will show signs of infection, if left untreated the burden of internal parasites such as worms and bots can cause disease and colic. Some of these diseases and colic can be life threatening to your horse. To maintain health and vitality while also reducing the risk of illness you should have your horse on an appropriate worming program. Parasites of major concern are small redworms, tapeworms and ascarids. Regular worm treatments with a broad spectrum product such as EQUIMAX LV will significantly reduce the risk of disease and colic attributable to worms and help to maintain the health and vitality of your horse.

  • Track record of safety

    Extensive internal and independent trials have proven the safety and efficacy of EQUIMAX LV. Safety has been proven in different age groups and life stages of horses including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions.

  • Treats horses weighing up to 700kg

    Most horse owners underestimate their horse’s weight by as much as 20%. Underdosing due to underestimating weight can leave horse unprotected against worm related disease and may lead to resistance. EQUIMAX LV’s 700kg size will treat 99% of Australian horses in a single tube.

  • Palatable flavour

    EQUIMAX LV is readily accepted by most horses.

  • Easy to use ergonomic syringe

    EQUIMAX LV is presented in a unique syringe that is designed to fit more comfortably into the hand. It has a shorter plunger - making it easier to use for people with small hands -and curved finger grips that make it more comfortable to grip. Additionally, the dose markings can be easily seen by both left and right handed users.


  • Ivermectin 18.7mg/g
  • Praziquantel 140mg/g


1mL/100kg of bodyweight is the recommended dose rate. The first division delivers enough paste to treat 100 kg. Each subsequent syringe division delivers enough paste to treat 50 kg of bodyweight. The syringe delivers sufficient paste to treat 700 kg of bodyweight at the recommended dose rate.


Store below 25C (Air conditioning).


  • 7.49g single syringe

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  • Can I use EQUIMAX LV on an animal other than a horse?

    EQUIMAX LV is registered for use in horses which means it may be safely used in horses. The use of this product in any other species would be considered “off label use”. Products should not be used outside of their registered label claims without first consulting a veterinarian (if at all).

  • How often should I worm my horse?

    Autumn and spring will always be key times to worm all horses. Worm all adult horses once in Spring with STRATEGY-T® and once in Autumn with EQUIMAX® or EQUIMAX® ELEVATION. It makes sense to target mectin wormers in the cooler months when bots and small stronglyes are more active inside the horse. Using non-mectin chemicals is typically suited to the warmer months although if summer sores are a problem a mectin product will be needed.

    Worming strategically involves worming your horse based on the parasite lifecycle, risk of disease and likely resistance status of worms. In Australia, seasonal conditions are ideal for parasite growth during most of the year, particularly the warm, wet months of spring and autumn, however, the lifecycle of different parasites mean that they may be more active at different times of the year. When considering a worming program, you must also ensure that you include faecal egg count testing.

  • Is EQUIMAX LV the same as EQUIMAX?

    Both EQUIMAX and EQUIMAX LV contain a mectin based active i.e. EQUIMAX contains Abamectin and EQUIMAX LV contains Ivermectin alongside Praziquantel. EQUIMAX LV provide all the benefits of EQUIMAX in a convenient low volume dose in an easy-to-use tube. EQUIMAX LV is easier to use for those with small hands or those with hard-to-worm horses.

  • What is strategic worming and why should I be doing it?

    Virbac is leading the way in strategic worming programs for horses based on the parasite lifecycle, risk of disease and likely resistance status of worms. This is important to slow down resistance.

    A good program:

    • Targets the horses that most need treatment and reduces chemical usage in the other horses
    • Uses faecal egg count monitoring
    • Avoids over usage of chemicals from the same class
    • Includes products containing pyrantel to ensure adequate control in resistant small strongyles or roundworm
    • Uses moxidectin no more than once a year when treatment for encysted small strongyles is specifically indicated
    • Strategically treats horses based on worm lifecycles and time of year
    • Avoids using single active wormers year after year

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