ERAQUELL® PELLETS palative alternative to paste and liquid wormers for horses

For the treatment and control of common worms and bots in horses including large strongyles (bloodworms) (Strongylus spp., Triodontophorus spp.), small strongyles (redworms) (Cyathostomum spp.) Including benzimidazole (BZ) resistant strains, pinworms (Oxyuris equi), large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), hairworms (Trichostrongylus axei), intestinal threadworms (Strongyloides westeri), bots (Gasterophilus spp.) and lungworm (Dictyocaulus arnfieldi).

  • Horse
  • Australian made
    Australian made


  • Cereal-based pellets that look and smell like pony cubes
  • A safe and effective wormer that controls internal equine parasites and all three species of bots
  • An alternative to traditional paste and liquid wormers


  • The palatable choice for horses that are difficult to worm, just add ERAQUELL to their feed
  • A mectin-based wormer for the treatment of all common worms and bots. Each sachet of ERAQUELL treats a horse up to 700 kg
  • Safe to use on all adult horses including pregnant mares and breeding stallions. ERAQUELL PELLETS are not suitable for use on foals due to risk of incorrect dosing and subsequent adverse outcomes


  • Palatable pellet in a small dose size

    The bite-sized pellets are readily accepted by most horses directly from the feed bucket. For very fussy eaters, mixing the ERAQUELL PELLETS with a handful of the horse’s usual pre-mixed feed will ensure the entire dose is consumed.

  • Broad Spectrum wormer

    The ivermectin in ERAQUELL provides a broad-spectrum anti-parasiticide for control of all equine worms (except tapeworm) including bots, lungworms, intestinal threadworms and skin parasites (summer sores and neck threadworms).

  • To protect against worm related disease

    In cases where horse owners may struggle to give their horses a paste, ERAQUELL provides an alternative solution to a paste based mectin wormer in autumn. Note there still will be a need to give a non-mectin wormer like STRATEGY-T® in Spring time. Use of faecal egg testing will help determine worming requirements for the rest of the year.

  • Track record of safety

    Extensive trials have proven the safety and efficacy of ERAQUELL PELLETS. Due to difficulties in accurately measuring a dose it is not recommended to administer ERAQUELL PELLETS to foals.

  • Treats a 700kg horse in one dose

    Each 35g sachet of ERAQUELL PELLETS will treat a 700kg animal meaning most horses can be easily treated with a single sachet.


Ivermectin 4mg/g in a cereal based pellet


  • Dose at 5g per 100kg bodyweight.
  • Each sachet of ERAQUELL PELLETS treats a horse up to 700kg


Store below 30ºC (Room Temperature) away from light.


35g sachet of pellets

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  • Can I use ERAQUELL to treat my horse all year around?

    It is not recommended to use ERAQUELL all year for worming your horse. ERAQUELL does not treat or control tapeworm so for effective control of tapeworms there still will be a need to give a non-mectin wormer like STRATEGY-T® in Spring time.

  • How often should I worm my horse?

    Autumn and spring will always be key times to worm all horses. Worm all adult horses once in Spring with STRATEGY-T® and once in Autumn with EQUIMAX® or EQUIMAX® ELEVATION. It makes sense to target mectin wormers in the cooler months when bots and small stronglyes are more active inside the horse. Using non-mectin chemicals is typically suited to the warmer months although if summer sores are a problem a mectin product will be needed.

    Worming strategically involves worming your horse based on the parasite lifecycle, risk of disease and likely resistance status of worms. In Australia, seasonal conditions are ideal for parasite growth during most of the year, particularly the warm, wet months of spring and autumn, however, the lifecycle of different parasites mean that they may be more active at different times of the year. When considering a worming program, you must also ensure that you include faecal egg count testing.

  • Why can’t ERAQUELL be used in foals?

    Young animals’ immature systems are much more sensitive than those of older horses. Since ERAQUELL is more difficult to dose to the correct body weight than paste wormers, the risk of overdosing is higher, and it is therefore not recommended in foals.

  • Why is it important for me to accurately estimate my horses weight?

    Most people underestimate their horse’s weight by as much as 20%. Underestimating a horse’s weight can lead to underdosing. Giving a horse less than the required dose of wormer can leave them at risk of worm-related disease as potentially worms will be left untreated within the horse. Underdosing can also encourage the development of resistance in your horses by exposing the worms to sub-lethal doses of wormer. It is therefore vitally important to correctly estimate your horses’ weight when deciding on the correct dose of wormer to give them. It is in fact preferable to give horses a slight overdose rather than an underdose. There are several methods for finding out a horse’s weight, the most accurate obviously being a set of scales. As most horse owners to not have easy access to horse scales, there are several other methods that horse owners can use to get a good estimate of their horses’ weight. The use of the weight estimation formula will give a reasonably good estimation of most horses’ weight. The formula is:

    horse weight formula

    Another method that can be used to estimate weight is by using one of the commercially available weight tapes. Unfortunately, some of these tapes are far more accurate than others so it is a good idea to calibrate the tape using the formula first to check that it is measuring accurately. Weight tapes are also not suitable to use in immature horses as they have a different body composition to older animals.

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