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It was no surprise that the use of Ovastim was likely to be massively profitable. Using Ovastim in a typical prime lamb flock may result in a profit of about $18/ewe in today’s market. Meanwhile, using a Multimin program can result in a staggering $43/ewe extra profit!

- Dr Graham, Lean Principal, Consultant Agrivet Business Consulting

Conceive Multiples & Retain Embryos

OVASTIM® and MULTIMIN® are a perfect product combination to help improve ewe fertility and fecundity through a dual mode of action.

OVASTIM has been shown to increase lambing rates by an average of 23% by stimulating ewes to release more eggs per cycle.

Multimin increases twins and reduces empties

MULTIMIN significantly improves conception rates (i.e. no of foetuses per 100 ewes) by increasing antioxidants that are important for embryo survival. Ewes treated with MULTIMIN had 9% higher conception, and a 5.8% increase in twins, compared to untreated ewes3.

WITH Target Sheep Repro Program

Boosting lamb health

MULTIMIN can also be given to ewes a month before lambing to help improve lamb health. This, in combination with a pre-joining dose of MULTIMIN, has been shown to improve lambs marked by 9% and 2.3 kg heavier lambs at weaning2.

Target Sheep Repro Program benefits

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Other animal health considerations

For optimal health and reproductive performance, Virbac recommends a complete animal health program, including the following:

  • Drench - use only highly effective drenches like TRIDECTIN® in your worm management program.
  • Vaccines - protect your flock from cheesy gland and clostridial diseases with WEBSTERS® 6 in 1 B12TM.
  • Don’t forget the rams. Make sure rams are vaccinated and drenched routinely and the five ’Ts’ (Teeth, Toes, Tossle, Torso & Testicles) are examined 8 weeks before joining to determine their breeding soundness. Administer MULTIMIN 12 weeks before joining and also at joining. Trace minerals included in MULTIMIN, can have a positive effect on sperm concentration, motility and morphology in rams4-7.

The Target Sheep Repro Program will be suitable for progressive sheep producers who scan their ewes and look for products that can dramatically increase the number of lambs per ewe. For more information about the Target Repro Program, contact your local Virbac Area Sales Manager.

Target Sheep Repro Event: Featuring Dr. Graham Lean
Increase your lamb numbers with Ovastim
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