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VIRBAMEC® LV POUR-ON cattle treatment and control of internal and external parasites

For the treatment and control of ivermectin sensitive internal and external parasites of beef and dairy cattle

  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Australian made
    Australian made


  • A macrocyclic lactone (ML) or “mectin” class pour-on drench
  • Contains Ivermectin
  • Broad spectrum control of internal and external parasites
  • Low volume formulation
  • Non-flammable, low odour vegetable oil base


  • Control of internal parasites

    VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON offers excellent control and high level of efficacy against ivermectin sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworm. It also offers persistent activity against lungworm for up to 28 days and Ostertagia spp. (small brown stomach worm) for up to 14 days.

  • Control of external parasites

    VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON offers excellent control of both sucking and biting lice, mites and cattle tick. It also controls buffalo fly and protects cattle from re-infestation for up to 21 days


  • Low volume dose

    The low volume dose makes application easier, even to large animals. It provides the convenience of fewer drums to clean and dispose of

  • User friendly vegetable oil formulation

    VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON’s vegetable oil formulation means that it has no offensive fumes, is easy on applicator guns, flows steadily from the gun and is less likely to splash or run off the animal’s back than solvent based pour-ons. VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON is also non-flammable

  • Rainfast

    The efficacy of VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON is unlikely to be affected if rain falls as soon as 2 hours after application

  • Nil Milk withhold

    VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON can be used on lactating dairy cows, giving farmers the flexibility to treat their animals at the optimal time

  • Short Meat withholding period and ESI

    VIRBAMEC LV POUR-ON has a short meat withholding period and export slaughter interval of 21 days, allowing producers the flexibility to market animals as soon as a real benefit from treatment is seen.


10 mg/mL Ivermectin in a vegetable oil base


Vibrate LV Pour-on is given topically at the recommended dose rate of 1 mL/20 kg bodyweight

Bodyweight Dose Volume Number of Cattle Treated
(kg) (mL) 2.5 L 5 L 10 L 15 L
51-100 5 500 1000 2000 3000
101-150 7.5 333 666 1332 2000
151-200 10 250 500 1000 1500
201-250 12.5 200 400 800 1200
251-300 15 166 333 666 1000
301-350 17.5 142 285 570 857
351-400 20 125 250 500 750
401-450 22.5 111 222 444 666
451-500 25 100 200 400 600
501-550 27.5 90 181 362 545
551-600 30 83 166 332 500
601-650 32.5 76 153 306 461

Animals in excess of 65o kg bodyweight to be dosed at 1 mL/20 kg


  • Meat: 21 days
  • Milk: Nil
  • ESI: 21 days


Store below 30oC (room temperature) in original container


  • Back packs: 2.5 L and 5 L
  • Drum: 10 and 15 L

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