Laminitis & Founder

FOUNDERGUARD® Granular feed additive for horses

FOUNDERGUARD reduces the risk of laminitis in horses and ponies when fed in conjunction with high grain diets.

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    Australian made


FOUNDERGUARD is a clinically proven preventative supplement for feed induced laminitis and founder. It has been formulated to ensure delivery of the active drug to the hind gut and proven to control the build up of lactic acid in the hind gut. A small daily dose of the palatable granules allows high grain diets to be fed safely.


  • Horses on high grain diets e.g. gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks
  • Young horses being prepared for sales e.g. high grain/low exercise animals
  • Horses that have suffered laminitis or founder in the past
  • Horses undergoing a change in diet


  • The ONLY proven prevention for feed induced founder - FOUNDERGUARD has been scientifically developed specifically for the prevention of grain-induced founder in horses and is the only product registered to prevent this problem.
  • Prevents build-up of lactic acid – when excess carbohydrates are consumed, bacteria multiply rapidly in the hindgut. FOUNDERGUARD controls the build-up of lactic acid from this fermentation process, preventing damage to the gut lining and therefore laminitis.
  • FOUNDERGUARD can be added to the daily feed as an effective daily management tool of horses at risk of founder and low-grade laminitis.


Each 25 g dose contains:

  • Virginiamycin 10 g/kg


  • FOUNDERGUARD should be administered at the full daily dose for at least 3 days prior to any dietary change that involves an increase in grain (starch) or sugar intake.
  • FOUNDERGUARD is presented as a palatable lucerne-based pellet.
  • FOUNDERGUARD can be fed alone or mixed with other feed ingredients to provide 5 g FOUNDERGUARD/100 kg bodyweight per day (e.g. 25 g/day for a horse weighing 500 kg).
  • Individual horses: 5 g FOUNDERGUARD per 100 kg bodyweight once daily
  • Bulk feeding: 1 kg FOUNDERGUARD mixed into 250 kg feed concentrate
  • Introduce the dose incrementally over 4 days starting at 25% of the daily dosage and increasing by a further 25% each day until the recommended amount is administered. Commencement at the full dosage may result in decreased feed intake during the first week of supplementation.
  • The scoop provided contains approximately 25 g when loosely filled.
  • Always seek veterinary advice before using Founderguard to ensure it is suitable for your horse and that there are no underlying issues causing laminitis.


Store below 30˚C (Room temperature) in a dry place. Protect from light. Reseal after use.


  • 1 kg Bucket: Provides 40 x 25 g daily doses
  • 5 kg Bucket: Provides 200 x 25 g daily doses

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  • Can I feed FOUNDERGUARD once or twice a week and still get the same effect?

    No. FOUNDERGUARD needs to be fed daily to be of benefit. It is possible to supplement only at times of increased risk though and is not necessary at times when horses are not receiving high levels of grain. It is recommended to start FOUNDERGUARD supplementation prior to changing the feeding regime.

  • Does the long-term use of FOUNDERGUARD decrease its effect?

    No. Many horses are maintained on long-term FOUNDERGUARD supplementation.

  • When I start to feed FOUNDERGUARD my horse eats less and its manure becomes hard, is this normal?

    FOUNDERGUARD may initially decrease the rate of passage of food through the large intestine. This results in a decreased appetite and drier manure for up to a week. To stop this occurring the dose may be increased gradually over the first week.

  • My horse already has laminitis; can I use FOUNDERGUARD to treat her?

    FOUNDERGUARD is not a treatment for horses that have already got laminitis and founder. It can however be used to prevent further bouts of laminitis in the future.

  • My mare is pregnant and suffered from laminitis last time she was pregnant. Can I use FOUNDERGUARD to help prevent a future bout of laminitis?

    Although vets have prescribed FOUNDERGUARD to pregnant mares, the relevant safety trials have not been conducted and it remains as ‘off label’ usage. Use of FOUNDERGUARD during pregnancy therefore is a decision for your veterinarian.

  • My horse has just eaten the entire bucket of FOUNDERGUARD, should I be worried?

    No. Side effects are extremely unlikely. Monitor the horse’s manure over the next 48 hours and if signs of constipation or dry manure develop call your vet.

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