Exercise Recovery & Tying Up

NEUTRADEX® buffer for muscle recovery in horses

NEUTRADEX aids in the prevention and treatment of acidosis, dehydration and ‘tying up’ syndrome in horses.

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    Australian made


NEUTRADEX is an original, palatable muscle recovery supplement, mild diuretic and urinary buffer for horses. It contains sodium acid citrate to:

  • Help horses prone to ‘tying up’ and assist with reducing muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Help delay the onset of muscle fatigue to improve endurance
  • Encourage horses to drink, helping to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance to maintain kidney and bladder function in performance horses


  • High performance athletes in hard training
  • Horses with a history of ‘tying up’
  • Rehydration after exertion in conjunction with a balanced electrolyte
  • Helping to flush toxins and waste products after hard exercise and hence maintain kidney, bladder and urinary tract function
  • Young, nervous and heavily muscled horses in work


  • Scientifically balanced formulation for race recovery, tying up and hard exercise
  • Neutralises damaging acid build-up –  NEUTRADEX contains sodium acid citrate, a natural bicarbonate precursor to increase the body’s natural stores and actively helps neutralise lactic acid before it causes damage.
  • Improves hydration, appetite and overall recovery after hard exercise
  • Replaces essential sodium salts lost in sweat


Each 28 mL dose contains:

  • Sodium acid citrate 7.93 g


  • Horses (450 – 500 kg): 28 mL of NEUTRADEX added to the feed daily. Following hard or fast work or racing, give 50 mL NEUTRADEX orally (by syringe over the back of the tongue). Horses suffering from dehydration need a supplementary daily ration of electrolytes.

    NEUTRADEX can be safely used with balanced electrolyte supplements based on the particular work program.

    • HUMIDIMIX® - use daily for heavy sweaters such as trotters, pacers, endurance horses and eventers.
    • RECHARGE® - apple flavoured “sports drink” for rapid post-work replenishment at a dose of 40 – 80 mL over the tongue for immediate response. It has a similar composition to horse sweat and contains glucose for energy replacement. Make sure the horse has access to fresh water.
  • To Help Prevent Tying Up

    Give additional 30 mL by mouth after every workout or slow work and increase to 50 mL after any hard work (if horses are prone to muscle soreness and tying up).

  • To Maintain Thirst on Fast Work Days

    Give 50 mL NEUTRADEX® over the tongue as soon as possible after very hard or fast exercise to neutralise acid and stimulate drinking.

  • Race Days

    50 mL over the tongue prior to evening meal.

  • Day After Racing

    50 mL over the tongue prior to morning meal.


Ensure an adequate supply of cool, clean water is accessible. NEUTRADEX exerts a mild diuretic and neutralising effect on acidic substances which accumulate in the muscles and blood stream. Metabolic acidosis may impair normal muscular function, thereby interfering with performance. Dehydration, which can cause sluggish blood flow and impaired tissue oxygenation, can be effectively assisted by the administration of NEUTRADEX. In horses, NEUTRADEX may also be prescribed as a co-treatment in kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.

Do not use NEUTRADEX within 24-36 hours before competition. Use immediately after hard work and after warm down exercise is completed, for one to two days. Ensure fresh water is available at all times after dosing. Add to the feed daily or give over the tongue. Ensure fresh water is available after dosing. Use only as directed.


Store below 30˚C (Room temperature)


  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 5 Litre Cask
  • 10 Litre Drum

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