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Target Sheep - Marking / Weaning

Optimising the health and productivity of your livestock

Marking considerations

Conduct marking operations in clean yards close to the paddock being grazed, ideally about two weeks after the last possible lambing date. Appropriate pain relief should be provided. Hygiene is most important for equipment. Prevent flystrike on healing wounds if blowfly strike is likely.

The challenges of weaning

Weaners are particularly susceptible to disease and parasites because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. The additional stresses of separation, handling, transitioning to a forage and/or grain-based diet and naturally low levels of trace minerals can further suppress the immune system. It is important that weaners are protected from disease and parasites so they can express their full genetic potential. In Merino flocks, wean lambs by 14 weeks after the start of the lambing to maximise the amount of time available for ewes to recover body condition before the next joining.

Animal health considerations A comprehensive animal health program at weaning can help to optimise growth and development in prime lambs, maiden ewes and wethers by:

  • Protecting weaners against parasites and minimising pasture contamination.
  • ‘Topping up’ levels of essential trace minerals to boost the immune system.
  • Providing immunity against clostridial diseases and cheesy gland (CLA).


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